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Thoughts From Under the Desk . . . 

--Brad Gienger, Children's Ministries/Sabbath School/Pathfinders

Ministry is difficult, teaching especially so, for many reasons but what stands out most for me is the time it takes. When you work in construction each project takes time but the progress is apparent and the finished product is unquestionable. The project of teaching on the other hand is far more ethereal. You may, in your ministry, have some students who are so clearly growing under your tutelage that it is a constant source of affirmation. Far more often the work of teaching is measured not in weeks or months but in years and decades if at all. For me, and perhaps for you, the lack of apparent progress or the ability to see some sort of finished product creates an endless source of doubt.
One of my favorite passages of Scripture is the Parable of the Sower. The simple story relates the process of a sower casting seed onto a field and tells of the fate of the seed according to the place in which it fell. In three out of four scenarios the seed ultimately fails to take root and grow.  In the fourth scenario the seed takes, “As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and fruit with patience,” (Luke 8:15). Patience is the tool that Jesus says fruit is produced with. May we each plead with the Holy Spirit for a special outpouring of the spiritual fruit of patience that with it we may faithfully continue to produce that incredible fruit.

Heard Around the Conference. . .

“Do I have to play the PE game? When I run too much, I get tired and start breathing funny and lose all my energy!” ~Rapid City Kindergartener

I walked into my classroom during recess and found a couple 3rd graders running around my room in their socks. When I asked why they weren’t outside and why they’d taken their snow boots off, a boy responded, “Because we’re trying to warm up our freezing phalanges!” ~Rapid City

I’m currently reading Hatchet to my students as a read aloud and Too Much Salt and Pepper with one reading group. We’ve been keeping up with the and, which is the adventures of Dave and Amy Freeman who are spending a year in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota in order to raise awareness for protecting nature and the wilderness. We’ve even been writing back and forth with them and they were excited to share with the class about their recent encounter with a wolf pack. The students have enjoyed seeing their pictures and learning more about the special nature that God has created and entrusted to our care. ~Rapid City

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School of the Month - 
Sioux Falls Adventist Elementary

Article by Miss Elisa Wright, Teacher
Sioux Falls Adventist School students have been busy this year with many fun and exciting projects. We have learned a lot about interesting National Days. Some of the all-time favorites have been National Sundae Day and National Kite Day when we were able to create our own kites. If you walked into a Social Studies class, you may have seen us paying taxes with M&Ms, patrolling the “ocean” for American, British, or French ships, or packing a wagon to head west.

A few other favorite activities from the year have been making a cell, constructing DNA models, visiting the National Music Museum, creating a “Falling into Space” art project, and selling calendars for a fundraiser. We also had the opportunity to perform a Christmas program entitled “If I’d Been Around.” The students did a superb job and received many compliments on their performance. We are looking forward to our next program and more interesting projects. We are excited to see where the rest of the year will take us!
(Photo Credits: Elisa Wright) 

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