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Thoughts From Under the Desk . . . 

--Brad Gienger, Children's Ministries/Sabbath School/Pathfinders

In Luke 18:11-19 there is a story that has often confused me. In the passage, Jesus is met by ten lepers who cry out to Jesus for healing. He sends them back to the priests and as the group goes, the Bible tells us that they were cleansed.  Upon finding themselves free of their affliction nine former lepers continue on their way, one “turns back, praising God with a loud voice,” (v. 15). As this man falls at the feet of Jesus the Bible reveals the shocking fact that the one is a Samaritan, quite literally a terrorist in the eyes of the Jews. “Then Jesus answered, ‘Were not ten cleansed? Where are the nine? Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?’ And He said to him, ‘Rise and go your way; your faith has made you well,’” (v. 17-19).  Here is the point that has confused me, if faith made the one well, then what made the nine well? Clearly all were healed so what is going on here?
I think the mistake that I have made is assuming that only the one had faith, Jesus acknowledges the faith of the Samaritan that returns but He does not disparage the others. What sets apart the one from the nine is not faith, but thankfulness. Perhaps it has to do with another concept Jesus mentions about the connection between love and forgiveness and this Samaritan had received more forgiveness than his companions. In any case, the idea of thankfulness is key here. It is rare to receive thanks, genuine heartfelt unsolicited thanks, in the work that we have committed to. It is easy to construe that lack of expressed gratefulness as one being ineffective in their work or perhaps even more simply that those for whom we minister are ungrateful. This story helps me remember that faith made all ten well, even if only one returned to Jesus to tell Him about it. I hope we would all take a measure of comfort that even if only one in ten lives we affect communicate such to us, that ten lives were still changed. God is using us even in seasons when thankfulness is lacking.

Heard Around the Conference. . .

Because of some mac and cheese being burned in the microwave, our classroom has had quite an odor this week.  But one little guy told me, "I can't smell it because I have only one nose working." ~ Hillcrest Adventist Elementary

“Can I draw a picture of Jesus helping the Easter bunny hide the eggs?” ~Rapid City Kindergartener

“Ms. Vigil, remember that math we did a couple months ago? I used it to figure out the scale of our Alamo diorama!” Cue the evil teacher laugh ;) ~Rapid City 7th Grader

“Please Lord, if we get snow, don’t let school get cancelled.” ~Rapid City Kindergartener

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School of the Month - 
Prairie Voyager Adventist Elementary - Grand Forks, ND

Article by Mrs. Kathy Penno, Head Teacher
One of the special events that took place during the 2015-2016 school year at Prairie Voyager Adventist School was Education Sabbath. This event occurred on December 5, 2015. Our Dakota Conference president, Elder Neil Biloff, presented the worship hour sermon. The School Board Chairman, Leanne Erickson, gave a presentation about our school activities and needs. For special music the PVAS students played “Just as I Am” on the bells. Also, Elder & Mrs. Mike Temple made an appeal and the students passed out pledge cards that would financially support our school.
After the worship service, everyone was invited to the weekly fellowship luncheon. Yet, there was a twist for the dessert table. The dessert table was set up in our classroom so that the church members could tour the school. Each student sat at their desks while the church members asked them questions about our school.

Education Sabbath was a great success. About $20,000 was raised that will financially support Prairie Voyager Adventist School. (Photo Credit: Ariana Penno) 

Technology Matters & More

Mr. Kent Wallack, junior high teacher at Burton Academy in Texas, has that is working for his classroom. Instead of individual desks the students have tables which are shared by 3 or 4 students. The table tops double as a whiteboard for the students’ individual use. It could be for a brief reminder note to self or for calculating a math problem, etc. In addition, it is an eco-friendly approach, Go green and save that tree!

The following is a link to the tables and it is from IKEA –
** You can also get melamine at your local hardware store or whiteboard paint.

Video Resources - Explore these resources of both content-oriented videos and tips for editing classroom-made video.  If you have created video with your students - SHARE with us! The rest of the conference would love to see what you are doing to engage students!  (Video resources courtesy of Southwestern Union Conference Newsletter)

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