Newsletter Issue 15  2018
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More schoolgirls abducted
On 19th February, 2018, 110 Dapchi Federal Government Science and Technical College
boarding school students were taken to an unknown destination without any security intervention. The North East region of Nigeria has been under the danger of adoption and Islamic terror attacks since 2014.

One Christian girl named Leah (15) was asked to accept Islam while in captivity. Because she refused to accept Islam, she was not released. After almost 5 weeks, all (except 5 who did not survive the ordeal and Leah), were released.

Passion celebrates with young Leah who, even at the point of death, defied the threat and stood her ground, maintaining and retaining her faith in Christ Jesus.
United States House of Representatives says Nigeria is world's most dangerous place for Christians in 2017
In February 2017, former President Goodluck Jonathan addressed the Sub-committee on Africa, Global Health, Human Rights and International Organisations, outlining the challenges faces by Christians in Nigeria.

The Chairman of the Sub-committee, Christopher Smith, said that he and his staff director, Greg Simpkins had made several visits to Nigeria, conversing with both Christians and Muslim leaders and inspecting several burnt out churches. He added that impunity for those responsible for killing Christians seem to be widespread.

Sadly, little seems to have changed since the present President, Muhammadu Buhari came to power in 2015.
Some highlights of 2017
There was much to praise God for during 2017.  The Founder of Passion and his family remained safe and well.

It was the year of the greatest harvest of souls since the work of Passion began.  We rejoice that over 130 converts came to the Lord through the work of Passion.  About 30 were from an Islamic background. The others were nominal Christians who renewed their commitment to serve God.

Even as we celebrate this massive conversion, we equally mourn the highest record of deaths in the history of Nigeria which is second only to the 1967 Biafra war. The deadly Islamic sect known as Boko Haram now has two factions. One of their operating nomenclatures is ‘Fulani Herdsmen’.

Their killings are highly recorded in the Middle Belt states of Nigeria. These are the Christian dominated states of Kaduna, Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa and Adamawa. The wounds of many ugly incidents remain fresh because the killings have not and do not seem to have an end.

Joint Seminar held with One Hope USA* -
The Seminar was held in Kajama on 11 October, 2017.
Aimed at young Muslims, the Seminar was titled 'Pathway to Hope.'
(* Ruth Veltkamp, a missionary to Northern Nigeria for over forty years, was instrumental in coordinating the Seminar with Passion. She was a Lecturer in the West African Theological Seminary in Lagos where Rev. Muhammed did his Masters in Intercultural Studies (Islam Focus).

The 6th Makarau Revival took place on 25 - 28 December, 2017.
Makarau is the community where Rev. Muhammed, the Founder of Passion, was brought up. The Revival always ends with an outreach to the nearby Kachechere community.
The First Kujama Community Revival
The Revival was held from 8 - 14 January, 2018. 
It became necessary in view
of the 130 converts that Passion made in 2017. The Revival acted as a follow-up towards    During the Revival's Praises hour
discipleship to keep
and build the converts. The second aim was to keep the established relationship with the communities where the converts live. The third reason was that Pastors around Kujama will be helped by
participation in the disciple-making program entitled, 'Train the Trainer.'
'Unlocking the Growth' Seminar
The Seminar was held in St. James Anglican Church, Kujama on 17 February, 2018.
It was attended by 25 pastors of different denominations.
At the conclusion of the Seminar, the pastors were asking that further such Seminars be held. This is encouraging for Passion as it is good to be seen as an instigator of programs that are helpful to local pastors.
Eight students now sponsored by Passion
When Muslim students turn to Christ, Passion is faced with a dilemma. Are they left to continue on as they were or does Passion change the course of their lives forever by enabling them to receive an education which would have been inconceivable to them before their conversion.

The costs to enable the eight students to attend school/
university is considerable. For the next two terms of 2018,               Hadiza, 17 yrs old.
ie: Jan. to April and May to Aug.,  She is one of the
the total cost will be A$1,700.00.  eight students.
(The new Academic year begins in
September.) To date, Passion has been unable to pay the fees for the first term of 2018.                         Please pray that funds will be forthcoming.     
Widows receive help

Rev. Muhammed again shared some gifts with the widows of Makarau who said, ‘Thank you Passion.’ Most are aged and are victims of Boko Haram insurgency but one younger widow lost her husband through witchcraft. She has five children.
A word of explanation
At the beginning of 2017, security threats of a personal nature were received, prompting the cessation of the Newsletter for some time.
Publication was resumed with Issue 14, bringing 2017 Christmas greetings. This Issue recommences the quarterly cycle.
An encouraging letter of recommendation
An Australian supporter of the work of Passion has received a letter of recommendation from the Bishop of Kaduna Archdiocese, Most Reverend Timothy Yahaya, confirming the reliability of Passion for Converts Int. and the credibility of Rev. Muhammed Ibrahim.
Founder's family news
Rev. & Mrs. Muhammed Ibrahim (Passion for Converts Founder) celebrated their 17th Wedding Anniversary on 3rd June 2017 with Elders of St. James Anglican Church, Kujama. This is Passion’s current mission field and seminar centre around Kaduna.
A meagre response

Concerning the incident in Kasuwan Magani, (see 'From Passion's Desk'), Rev. Muhammed drove to the area to see the after effects of the uprising first hand. He was disappointed to see that while Muslims were giving out urgent assistance to fellow Muslims, there was little response from Christians helping fellow Christians.

The following day, Rev. Muhammed returned to give a bag of rice and a box of noodles to some affected Christians. He had no further funds to allocate to others in need.

Worth reading

The author, John W. Wilson grew up in Sydney's northern seaside suburbs. He trained for ordination in the Anglican Church of Australia at Ridley College in Melbourne. He has served in country and city churches and is a graduate of London, Yale and Duke Universities. He has travelled widely and taken a great interest in the churches of Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Professor Peter Riddell, Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, says that 'Christianity Alongside Islam' succeeds in digesting a vast amount of information about both Christianity and Islam and presents it in a way that is very accessible to non-specialist readers.
ISBN 978-0-908284-91-7

Give thanks for ...

> The tremendous various successes of 2017.
> The new partnership with Hausa Mission Foundation.
> The purchase of a piece of land for a Safe house.
> Enabling Passion to have Hadiza Ibrahim, a convert from Katsina, admitted into High School in the southern part of Kaduna state.    

Please pray for ...

> Peace and normacy to return to Kasuwan Magani after the uprising there.
> Passion to be able to appropriately help Ali, a convert from Kasuwan Magani.
> Sufficient funds to be given to pay for the school fees of the 8 students that Passion is supporting.
> The realisation of the construction of a Safe house for new converts.

Upcoming event

Passion will hold a joint three-day Revival and Outreach program in Kajama from 12 - 14 April. Please pray that many will come and hear the gospel.

You can help ...

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Thank you.

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From Passion's Desk:

With hearts in deep pain, we write this to give you a true picture of a recent ugly incident in Kasuwan Magani. It is less than 15 kilometres south-east of Kaduna town. It has a reasonable Muslim population surrounded by Christians.
In the early hours of February 26
th 2018, both Christians and Muslims woke up to experience a blood bath. A Christian lady was in a relationship with a young Muslim boy. She relocated without her parents permission to live with her boyfriend who had completed arrangements to convert her to Islam and have a marriage contracted without her parent’s consent.
Attempts to resist this plan resulted in Muslim youths attacking the Christians. The reprisal by Christian youths left many dead, with houses and shops belonging to Christians burnt down. Sadly, today, many are homeless and jobless.
Passion is interested in Kasuwan Magani because we have a silent convert there and hope to make it our second mission field because we know that they are open to the gospel.


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