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Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers 
announces new single "No Place Like Home"
LUMBEROB announces new single "Blessence

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WATCH / LISTEN & SHARE: Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers - "No Place Like Home"
Today, Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers announce their brand new self-titled LP, due February 11, 2022, via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. Alongside the announcement, they share the record's first single, "No Place Like Home," with an accompanying music video.  

"No Place Like Home," Godino says, is "a liminal love song," with a simple, ghostly arrangement of organ, drum machine, guitar, and glockenspiel to explore thoughts of love in the space between dreams and waking life. "When you close your eyes, I’ll be watching you from the other side," Lee sings.

"'No Place Like Home' lays forth the uncanny, dreamlike sonic aesthetic, complete with glockenspiel and organ. The accompanying hazy music video doubles down on the hypnotic Lynchian vibes."
Cool Hunting

"Imagine there’s a dance hall in the center of the world that exists on the other side of sleep, where everyone goes to celebrate an eternal prom under a moon-lit night. That is where you would find Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers, a trio of talented singers whose music would be compared to The Ronettes if Federico Fellini founded the seminal girl group instead of Phil Spector."
Hollywood Life

"'No Place Like Home' sees The Midnight Wishers channeling ghostly arrangements on an organ and adding in a drum machine, guitar, and glockenspiel. With dreamy, fuzzed out melodies, the track somehow lies between dreams and waking life."
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"When you close your eyes,
I’ll be watching you from the other side.
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Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers

  1. Always Waiting
  2. Show Me That You Care
  3. I Hate To See You Leave
  4. I’ve Got The Key
  5. No Place Like Home
  6. WXLUV
  7. I Want To Be The Monkey On Your Back
  8. Hungry
  9. He Loves Me Not
  10. I’ll Be Wishin

Today, LUMBEROB announces his long-awaited debut LP, LANGUAGE LEARNER, due February 18, 2022, via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. Alongside the announcement, he has shared the record's first single, "BLESSENCE," with an accompanying music video. 

“The text. WOW. And the music, I’m deep in now. It's really fucking good and so different. Almost like fast MoonDog. Really really fucking good.”
- PENN JILLETTE (Penn & Teller)

Speaking on the single, Rob wrote: "'BLESSENCE' is a smooth little lumberob jammer, stumbling heavy and sweet. Structure is all suspension, waiting for the clarity of the lyric… I AM DANGER. There’s plenty to worry about. SHANNON PLUMB and I have made a lovely dance, an instructive dance showing how to move to the BLESSENCE groove. It is a smooth little jammer, stumbling heavy and sweet. It carves out your heart with its sharp edge. I AM DANGER."
"The track is a chaotic good time; an explosive blend of synth-tinged interludes, swirling vocals and psychedelic chords, and there’s an addictiveness to the song that may leave listeners wanting more, a sure-sign of a brilliant, audience friendly release that teases the possibilities of what may come in the future."

"Matching the amusement and the tone of its accompanying single, the music video for Lumberob’s new song 'BLESSENCE' can’t help but charm you. Lighthearted, playful, and undoubtedly quirky, the video is an accurate representation of what Lumberob is all about, an artist not afraid to let his odd side reign free."

“There’s LUMBEROB — he’s the best band around. He’s like Aphex Twin meets Bobby McFerrin. He’s like a one-man party in your mouth. In the mouth of your ear.”
- Vernon Chatman & John Lee (WONDER SHOWZEN, XAVIER: RENEGADE ANGEL, PEE WEE’s BIG HOLIDAY, BROAD CITY, DELOCATED, FALSE POSITIVE, and Vernon is voice of Towelie on South Park)

“Lumberob’s shows construct themselves out of repetition and layering; live-mixed playback turns his monologues into the audio version of a mise-en-abyme, echoes of his recorded voice expanding into a long tunnel of sense made nonsense… Lumberob is one of those world-building Tricksters. These are the games that break form apart to make something valuable and new.”

“Lumberob is a terrible witch doctor. You’ve seen the forest in which he works his dark sono-linguistic magic, but only from the outside. Enter its interior, and you’ll be ecstatically sorry.”
- Sibyl Kempson, playwright

“Artists of the world, listen to this: you have nothing to lose but your equilibrium. Throughout his music there is a lyric impulse, a rising of the heart, a moral passion that represents the spirit of the millennium at its best. At the same time Lumberob’s music is exceedingly rigorous; he has the optimism of his generation without its willed naiveté”
- Anne Gridley, actor, company member Nature Theater of Oklahoma

“Rob has a ferocity that is captivating, intense, dizzy. We cannot stop looking at him, and then the unique rhythms get all flustery, stuck inside us and lock. He demands engagement. We can’t help it.”
- Dana Edell PhD, director

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“Lumberob’s music is the most intoxicating and addictive drug available.”
- Pavol Lisa, Nature Theater of Oklahoma
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"Language Learner"

  1. almondassassin 
  2. vesper
  3. redbaron
  4. sweetlove
  5. friedleggings 
  6. tennisskirt
  7. underpillow
  8. cumulonimbus
  9. hermitcrab
  10. bostaff
  11. calamityjimbo
  12. gogether
  13. snackthreat
  14. begantocry
  15. thismorning
  16. freshroom
  17. flinker
  18. nicenude
  19. fragrance
  20. panicsmooth
  21. blessence
  22. huggentle  
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"And the Wind Blew It All Away"


1. Falling Skies
2. The Rain
3. The Wind
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5. No Words
6. In Absentia
7. The Heartache
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9. The Killing
10. Winter Lady (Leonard Cohen)
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LP Mixed & Mastered by Kramer.
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"Words & Music, Book One" 
by Kramer & Various Writers

1. Gregory Corso - “Army”
2. Tina May Hall - “The Extinction Museum”
3 Sam Lipsyte - “Home Land” (Excerpt)
4. Christine Schutt - “An Unseen Hand Passed Over Their Bodies”
5. Gary Lutz - “It Collects In Me"
6. Allen Ginsberg - “At Apollinaire’s Grave”
7. Dawn Raffel - “Flesh, Blood"
8. Jason Schwartz - “Jackal Pattern” 
9. Kathryn Scanlan - “Vagrants”
10. Scott McClanahan - “James”
11a. Terry Southern - “Surrealist Dialog”
11b. Terry Southern - “A Proclamation”

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