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It's time to revisit PAUL LEARY's 1992 debut solo LP - the avalanche of sound he titled THE HISTORY OF DOGS, "Revisited" here with two additional tracks that did not appear on the original LP, including one that will soon appear as the first video from the LP, "SPEEDO MAN". You won't believe your eyes. Believe me.

This 1992 LP was WAY ahead of its time. Originally released on Rough Trade Records during the glory days of Butthole Surfers' crash course across the stages of every music festival criss-crossing the globe, this is zany, complex, unhinged, and sometimes just gloriously weird music, but it also features some of the most catchy indie pop music anthems you'll ever hear, and certainly far catchier than anything you'd ever hear from the BS catalog of psychedelic hysteria.

Listen to "The Birds Are Dying", or "Fine Home", and then try to say that PAUL LEARY isn't one of the most gifted songwriters/producers of the late 20th century? This indispensable LP reissue (Re-Mastered in 2021 by Paul and Shimmy-Disc founder Kramer) is a wondrous time capsule that brings us back in time to where we all were 30 years ago, firm in our belief that there simply wasn't another band anywhere on earth like Butthole Surfers, and firm in the belief that the band's driving musical force, PAUL LEARY, like his partner Gibby Haynes, was one of those once-in-a-lifetime talents that just couldn't be ignored. These two were a force-of-nature. That great band may be in hibernation, but...stay tuned.
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"The History of Dogs, Revisited"
by Paul Leary

  1. The Birds Are Dying
  2. Apollo One
  3. Dalhart Down the Road
  4. How Much Longer
  5. He’s Working Overtime
  6. Speedo Man
  7. Indians Storm the Government
  8. Is It Mikey
  9. Too Many People
  10. The City
  11. Fine Home
  12. The Adventures of Pee Pee the Sailor
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WATCH / LISTEN & SHARE: Gates of Light - "Belleville Sun"
Created by Grant McPhee
Today, International lockdown project Gates Of Light announce vinyl release of their debut album on legendary Shimmy-Disc label (due April 29, 2022), alongside the release of an ethereal new single and music video, "Belleville Sun." Inspired by the intensity of lockdown, the 10-track project was originally released last year and was the result of a collaboration between five artists across four cities, three time zones and two continents.
- Press - 

"Y’know that beguiling blend of melancholy and quietly stubborn joy that pretty much defines the ‘it-ness’ of life, that odd, vaguely floating feeling that’s the emotional equivalent of dawn being just on the resplendent edge of its own awakening but could in fact go either way? It’s a spot in our collective psyche that has proven a fertile territory for many artists over the centuries, from poets to dancers to abstract watercolorists and, at least as prominently as any discipline, songwriters, and it’s a spot in which Scottish singer Louise Quinn, in her creative guise as Gates of Light, has carved her own indelible mark.

Less a distaff Donovan than a Canterbury-esque chanteuse softly self-exiled toward a darker realm, Quinn matches well here with the talents of one of Scotland’s most visionary filmmakers (having worked with the likes of Loach Boyle and Soderbergh to name but three), Grant McPhee. The result of this inspired collaboration, as it meshes symbiotically in both sound and vision, is an instantly enduring piece of work that honors the traditions while subtly tilling new ground. With the gauze of heartbreak swirling in unison with the hazy light of the morning sun, the soft twins Unsettling and Soothing dance around each other in ways both delicate and blunt, the song and video both manage to graft together the haunting with the lovely in a way that feels effortless, that feels real, that feels like a lost dream cast in human form. Add in the crucial enhancement brought by a supporting cast that includes DJ/producers Kid Loco (Quinn’s husband) and London’s Scott Fraser, not to mention Bal Cooke who’s worked with both Quinn (the band) and the Pastels, toss the entire lockdown-produced session on to vinyl and release it on Shimmy-Disc and you have yourself still another reason to go on living. We’re always happy here at SEM premiering worthy singles and projects and the like but sometimes we’re both happy andreally quite proud. Today, with this release from Gates of Light, is one of the latter"  
Dave Cantrell - Stereo Embers 

 - Bio - 

Hailing from Glasgow, singer-songwriter Louise Quinn and producer Bal Cooke teamed up with London-based DJ and producer Scott Fraser; Parisian musician, DJ and producer Kid Loco; and film director and photographer, New York’s Tim Saccenti — who has previously worked with Run The Jewels and Pharell — to create a sublime, electro-pop reflection on the grief, insularity and peculiar highs of lockdown.  Immediately after hearing the album, revered post-punk musician and producer Kramer offered to release the vinyl edition on his iconic cult label Shimmy-Disc, which boasts an impressive back catalogue of artists including Daniel Johnson, Low and Galaxie 500.

As well as the forthcoming vinyl release, Gates Of Light have announced the release of dreamy new single, "Belleville Sun." "Don’t say it’s over, when the day has just begun. Cast off your ghosts and turn your face towards the sun,” Louise sings in a balmy summer’s day of a track, guiding the listener on a wander through Paris with woozy guitars and soothing vocals. 

The single will be launched alongside a video by award winning Scottish director Grant McPhee(Teenage Superstars, Big Gold Dream, Far From The Apple Tree). Featuring Louise in Glasgow’s breathtaking Necropolis cemetery and Kid Loco in Paris’s Père Lachaise Cemetery, the video was shot across two cities by Grant and French director Mathieu Kauffmann on a 1963 Eclair 16mm for a stunning retro feel. 

A project grounded on collaboration — born from a period of disconnect — Gates Of Light perfectly amplifies the longing, confusion, lucid dreams and appreciation of the outdoors that the pandemic ignited in so many over the last couple of years. Originally written and recorded by Louise and Bal from their bedroom studio in Glasgow whilst their one-year-old twins slept, the tracks were then sent to Scott and Kid Loco who remixed the tracks from home studios in London and Paris before Tim created the artwork and a video for the track "When The Leaf Falls."

Gates Of Light is the latest project from Louise and Bal who have released music in the past as A Band Called Quinn and DAWNINGS. Louise and Scott Fraser have also previously collaborated following a chance encounter at a nightclub in Glasgow. Their single "Together More" was released on Andrew Weatherall’s renowned Birdscarer vinyl imprint in 2019 and featured a remix by the Guv’nor himself who described the track as "sublime magik."

This project was supported by The Culture and Business Fund Scotland, produced by Tromolo Productions and sponsored by Glasgow’s La Chunky Studios. 

David Watt, Chief Executive of Arts & Business Scotland, said: "Arts & Business Scotland is delighted to have been in a position to support, through The Culture & Business Fund Scotland, the incredibly exciting Gates of Light project, which typifies how creativity knows no bounds, even during a pandemic, and demonstrates the power of cross sector partnerships.


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Gates of Light 

  1. Walk On
  2. Next To Me
  3. This Is How We Sound
  4. Belleville Sun
  5. Inevitable
  6. On And On
  7. When The Leaf Falls
  8. And It Goes On
  9. Mary Apocalypse Seven
  10. In My Dreams
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LP Mixed & Mastered by Kramer.
“Lumberob’s music is the most intoxicating and addictive drug available.”
- Pavol Lisa, Nature Theater of Oklahoma
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"Language Learner"

  1. almondassassin 
  2. vesper
  3. redbaron
  4. sweetlove
  5. friedleggings 
  6. tennisskirt
  7. underpillow
  8. cumulonimbus
  9. hermitcrab
  10. bostaff
  11. calamityjimbo
  12. gogether
  13. snackthreat
  14. begantocry
  15. thismorning
  16. freshroom
  17. flinker
  18. nicenude
  19. fragrance
  20. panicsmooth
  21. blessence
  22. huggentle  
WATCH / LISTEN & SHARE: LUMBEROB "Language Learner" - Video Playlist
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Mastered by Kramer

"When you close your eyes,
I’ll be watching you from the other side.
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Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers

  1. Always Waiting
  2. Show Me That You Care
  3. I Hate To See You Leave
  4. I’ve Got The Key
  5. No Place Like Home
  6. WXLUV
  7. I Want To Be The Monkey On Your Back
  8. Hungry
  9. He Loves Me Not
  10. I’ll Be Wishin
WATCH / LISTEN & SHARE: Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers - Playlist
Order the limited-edition "Windy Grey Day" colored vinyl LP
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all music and lyrics by Kramer 
(except “Winter Lady” by Leonard Cohen)
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"And the Wind Blew It All Away"


1. Falling Skies
2. The Rain
3. The Wind
4. The Crying
5. No Words
6. In Absentia
7. The Heartache
8. She Knows
9. The Killing
10. Winter Lady (Leonard Cohen)
WATCH / LISTEN & SHARE: Kramer - And the Wind Blew It All Away - Playlist
Order the limited-edition "Paper White" vinyl LP
(mail order shipping now) 
LP Mixed & Mastered by Kramer.
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"Words & Music, Book One" 
by Kramer & Various Writers

1. Gregory Corso - “Army”
2. Tina May Hall - “The Extinction Museum”
3 Sam Lipsyte - “Home Land” (Excerpt)
4. Christine Schutt - “An Unseen Hand Passed Over Their Bodies”
5. Gary Lutz - “It Collects In Me"
6. Allen Ginsberg - “At Apollinaire’s Grave”
7. Dawn Raffel - “Flesh, Blood"
8. Jason Schwartz - “Jackal Pattern” 
9. Kathryn Scanlan - “Vagrants”
10. Scott McClanahan - “James”
11a. Terry Southern - “Surrealist Dialog”
11b. Terry Southern - “A Proclamation”
WATCH / LISTEN & SHARE: Words & Music - Video Playlist

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