Today, iconic composer/producer KRAMER shares “Burial at Sea", the final single off his latest LP, Music for Films Edited by Moths. As shown via this new track’s accompanying visual, Dutch Visual Artist TINCA VEERMAN takes Kramer’s idiosyncratic ambient works to new depths of awareness in this liquid lament, composed (in Kramer's own words) "for the legions lost at sea, and for those who traveled beside them, yet survived, doomed to forever wonder why".

Blurring his lifelong attachments, from spontaneous composition (in the late '70s with John Zorn) to experimental rock (with Bongwater and other bands in the '80s) alongside his recent inquiries into the intricacies of ambient-folk songcraft (with his most recent solo LP, And The Wind Blew It All Away), Kramer continues to explore the possibilities of shaping naturally occurring aural landscapes into intoxicatingly affecting music. Sound and language - not just melody and ambient textures - have been his raw material for decades. He now juggles them more deftly than ever on this newest ambient opus. As one of our most alluring and enduring composer-producers, Kramer’s solo work has never been so mournful, nor so life-affirming, as he expresses it here, and now.

"What I have come to embrace is the working notion that there is no Past and no Future. There is only a constantly evolving series of microscopic moments that constitute the miraculous Present. As fertile as it is and always has been, for me, Memory is a chimera. So if you asked me what it is exactly that I am trying to do now, with Music, be it through song, or through ambiance, I would confess that what I'm doing couldn't be more simple; I am just trying to explain myself. I'm trying to show you who I am." -Kramer, May 2022
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Music For Films Edited By Moths


1. Planets Love The Sun
2. Bukowski On The Beach
3. Stars Will Die Tonight
4. Nothing Is Ever Lost
5. Requiem For Max
6. Burial At Sea
7. Ladder To The Moon
8. Momentary Moths
9. Dreams We Never Dreamed
10. Perhaps You Imagined It All

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