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The finish tower at Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL, USA

Regatta news

Congratulations to the following Roylerow athletes and to all Roylerow athletes who participated.

USRowing Masters National Championships

Aug 11, 2022 To Aug 14, 2022, Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL (USA)
Hosted By: USRowing
  • Chinook Performance Racing
    • First place
      • Event 35: Mens Open E 2-
      • Event 72: Mens Open E 4x
      • Event 101: Mens Open E-F 4-
    • Second place
      • Event 47: Mens Open F 1x
      • Event 115: Men's Open E 2x
    • Third place
      • Event 21: Mens Open D 2-
      • Event 115: Men's Open E 2x
  • Masters Coaching
    • First place
      • Event 24: Womens Open G-K 4+
      • Event 26: Womens Open F 2-
      • Event 36: Womens Open F 4+
      • Event 68: Womens Ltwt E-K 4+ 
      • Event 97: Womens Open D 4+
      • Event 116: Women's Open E 8+ 
      • Event 116: Women's Open F 8+
      • Event 145: Women's Open C 2-
      • Event 148: Women's Open B 4+ 
      • Event 163: Mixed H 2x 
      • Event 170: Women's Open D 4+ 
      • Event 210.L: Women's Open H 4+
    • Second place
      • Event 10: Womens Open C 8+
      • Event 24: Womens Open G-K 4+
      • Event 62: Womens Open D 8+ 
      • Event 144: Women's Ltwt F-K 2x
      • Event 152: Women's Open G-K 4x
      • Event 170: Women's Open D 4+
      • Event 190.O: Women's Open F 8+
      • Event 190.P: Women's Open G 8+
      • Event 201.B: Women's Open E 4+
    • Third place
      • Event 36: Womens Open F 4+
      • Event 48: Womens Open F 2x
      • Event 48: Womens Open G 2x 
      • Event 97: Womens Open C 4+
      • Event 201.B: Women's Open E 4+
  • Lauren Crandall (Cincinnati Rowing Club)
    • First place in Event 122: Mixed A 8+
    • Third place in Event 155: Mixed C 4x
    • From Lauren, "I was most proud of the 4th in the WC2x [Event 203: Women's Open C 2x]. We have worked really hard, tried a new strategy, and if we’d sprinted sooner, it would have paid off in a medal…but lessons learned." Inspiring, Lauren. Congratulations!

The Great Cross Sound

August 27, 2022, Alki Beach, Puget Sound, Seattle, WA (USA)
Hosted By: Sound Rowers
  • Kathleen Faust
    • First place in the Female 1x OW-II (Maas Aero) event
    • From Kathleen, "The conditions were challenging and almost half of those registered were DNF. The combination of the strong ebb tide and winds created large waves and swells that hit constantly on the port side. I had to try to work with the waves, surfing them a bit down wind and then turning directly into the wind to correct course a bit. It was fun! At times, the waves were breaking over my shoulders and my boat was underwater for a few seconds. I did not feel in danger though, just challenged!" Congrats and thank you, Kathleen, for that exciting report!


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