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Why Protein?

If you haven't changed the amount of protein you consume as you age, this article [Why Women Need to Prioritize Protein] by Dr Stacy Sims clarifies the role of protein for women, especially as we age.

For men, Dr Sims's article links to several studies such as [Muscle Mass Index as a Predictor of Longevity in Older-Adults] that included men and women.
Rowers in a double scull approaching diamond geezerFollow Temple Island Folly near Henley, England
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Regatta news

Congratulations to the following Roylerow athletes and to all Roylerow athletes who participated.

Henley Masters Regatta

8 July - 9 July, 2022, Henley-on-Thames (GBR)
Hosted By: Upper Thames Rowing Club (UTRC)
  • Chinook: Won in the W.MasG.8+ event by four lengths with a time of 03:53

Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Jun 18, 2022, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Hosted By: Schuylkill Navy
  • FILO: First place in the following events: Event 6b Womens Masters Four (composite) and Event 34 Womens Masters Eight

Carnegie Lake Regatta

Jul 9, 2022, Carnegie Lake, Princeton, NJ (USA)
Hosted By: Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
  • East Arm Rowing Club 
    • First place
      • Race 3a Mixed Masters 2x 
      • Race 11b Mixed Masters 8+ 
      • Race 14a Womens Masters 4+
    • Second place
      • Race 8a Womens Masters Novice 4+ 
      • Race 14b Womens Masters 4+
    • Third place
      • Race 11b Mixed Masters 8+

Diamond State Masters

Jul 23, 2022 - Jul 24, 2022, Noxontown Pond, Townsend, DE (USA)
Hosted By: Wilmington Rowing Center (WRC)
  • Chinook Performance Racing
    • First place
      • Event 3 Mens Ltwt D-J 1x
      • Event 7 Womens E-J 1x 
      • Event 13b Womens C-D 2x 
      • Event 16 Mens E-F 2x 
      • Event 27 Mens C-D 2x 
      • Event 32 Mixed Masters 8x (composite) 
      • Event 33 Mens AA-J 2-
      • Event 34 Womens E-J 8+ (composite) 
      • Event 42 Mixed D-J 8+ (composite)
      • Event 52 Womens D 4+ 
      • Event 54 Mens D 4+ 
      • Event 56b Womens C 4+ 
      • Event 59b Womens E-J 4+ 
      • Event 62 Mens D-J 4x
    • Second place
      • Event 8b Mixed AA-C 2x
      • Event 9 Mixed AA-J Ltwt 2x 
      • Event 14 Mens C-D 1x 
      • Event 15 Womens E-J 2x
      • Event 39 Womens D 8+ 
      • Event 44 Mixed AA-J 4x 
      • Event 60 Womens AA-B 8+
    • Third place
      • Event 13a Womens C-D 2x
  • East Arm Rowing Club
    • First place
      • Event 8a Mixed AA-C 2x
    • Second place
      • Event 58 Mens C 4+
      Third place
      • Event 32 Mixed Masters 8x (composite) 
      • Event 33 Mens AA-J 2- 
      • Event 59a Womens E-J 4+
  • FILO Rowing
    • First place
      • Event 8a Mixed AA-C 2x
    • Second place
      • Event 8a Mixed AA-C 2x (composite)
      • Event 34 Womens E-J 8+ (composite)
    • Third place
      • Event 42 Mixed D-J 8+ (composite) 

Midwest Summer Sprint Championships

Jul 30, 2022 Nashport, OH (USA)
Hosted By: Westerville Rowing Club
  • Lauren Crandall: Second place, Womens Masters 2x A-C; first place, Mixed Masters 2x E-G

World Police & Fire Games Rotterdam 2022

Jul 31, 2022, Maas River, Rotterdam (NED)
Hosted By: Federatie Sloeproeien Nederland
  • Brian Hall: First place, Mens 4+, 2000m (composite)
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Articles by Marlene

  • From All Sides The multidirectional stress from cross-training activities and resistance training can help improve joint stability and bone density.
  • The Stationary Stability Drill for Rowers Marlene shares a progression drill to help you achieve a solid foundation with blades off the water. 
  • Warm-up Reset Drill To help get settled on the water for your session, try this drill that emphasizes the grip on the handle and blade depth that's necessary to keep the boat set. 
  • Coordinating Your Performance How your central nervous system works to improve your technique and what you can do to help it along.
  • The Talk Test To determine your workout intensity, gauge when your workout is easy and when you're above the lactate threshold by using the simple, yet accurate, talk test.
  • The Way the Sculls Work Getting a clear understanding of the way oar blades move through the water can help clean up blade work. 
  • Learning to Let it Run Increasing your distance per stroke just a little bit adds up over the course of a race. Try some single stroke rowing to learn how.
  • Ten Seconds, Two Truths How you can use a ten-second peak-power test to predict your 2k test potential and overall efficiency.
  • Lickety Splits Use splits and estimates to help pace your best time trial.
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The Faster Masters Rowing Radio podcast is produced weekly. Marlene and Rebecca discuss topics of interest to masters rowers, such as rowing in rough waterbalancing a single scull, and feathering correctly. In addition to updating listeners on topics of the day, they also take listener questions live. 

To listen to previous episodes, find links on the Faster Masters Rowing website. In addition to the existing platforms, Faster Masters Rowing Radio is now available on Audible and Amazon Music. To find our podcast, search for Rowing Chat.
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State of Masters Rowing 2022
Survey and Report

Based on responses of over 600 masters rowers from 32 countries, row2k sponsored this survey run by Faster Masters. Check out the results!
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