Image 1. An example of Marlene's video review in Coach's Eye. Notice that Marlene marks up the video as she records the voice over to help you visualize and understand her comments. In this example, Marlene indicates that the rower has good body angle.
Do you need to improve your technique?
If so, get expert advice from Marlene. Send her a video of you sculling or sweep rowing and she sends the video back to you with a voice-over coaching lesson. You access the recorded lesson via a website link to Coach's Eye, an app that Marlene uses to pause and mark up the video with detailed feedback indicating how to improve your technical skills, bladework, stability, efficiency, and speed in the boat.

Included with each review is an extensive technical assessment document that you can use as a reference and to track your progress. The assessment also includes suggested drills for you to practice.
Image 2. A snippet of the first page of the technical assessment document that Marlene sends with each video review. Notice the link to the Coach's Eye video review in the first row, which is included for your reference.
Email your video (or video link) to Marlene, including a brief overview of your technical focus and goals. Videos sent through Coach's Eye are preferred, but other formats are also accepted. You can purchase one review or a package:
  • Pay as you go: 1 video lesson $97
  • Prepaid package: 5 video lessons $437
  • Prepaid package: 10 video lessons $873
For more information or to purchase a review, email Marlene at

Sculling webinar: "Over the Buoy" with Larry Gluckman

Marlene recommends that you listen to Larry’s webinar to jump start your fall technique training with some terrific tips that are sure to help your boat go faster. Larry has been rowing and coaching since the 1960s. In his long coaching career, Larry has coached everyone from beginners at Craftsbury to those at the elite level.

In the recording of his webinar, watch for Marlene at 32:30, where Larry uses video of Marlene to demo tapping the blade out of the water and feathering on the recovery.
Image 3. Screen capture of Marlene demoing tapping the blade out of the water. Notice the position of the elbows above the handles.

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