April Update - The Hawes Family
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Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters,      

     Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support! It has been wonderful to see some of you already! Leandra’s pregnancy is going well, but each day is getting a little bit harder for Leandra. Lydia has rapidly expanded her English vocabulary and has done a great job teaching some Bena and Goroka languages to the grandparents.
     One of the great blessings of being in the states is having uninterrupted extra time to pray and read God’s Word. I have really been challenged about the next mountain over from Sagifa where 9 people were violently killed due to a tribal fight before we returned.
      Praise God, we were told that Missy’s husband, Andrew, was in church last week! Please pray for Solo, Alice, Sarah and Missy to be faithful to the Lord. Also pray for Seko, Apowei, Endrick, and Andrew to get saved.  Pastor Jack has been faithfully going up to Sagifa in our absence. We heard Seko is talking about getting land for the church.
     Thank you for your prayers about textbooks for the students. I have started contacting publishers and book distributors. One publisher is offering us a 52% discount on our Creation Science curriculum. Praise the Lord! We have been working with Logos to use their Bible Software in the classroom for maps and charts. However, due to such poor Internet, we cannot download their program in PNG; so they have been working with us to load their software on a USB. We also have gotten some quotes on projectors for our five classrooms. One brother just donated some excellent Hebrew resources for us to use. Another blessing was our home church donated about a 100 hymnbooks for students and pastors to use.
     Please pray with us as we seek to recruit new missionaries for Papua New Guinea. The Harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are so few. We often have people asking us to come to their village, but there is no one to send. Maybe the Lord wants you to go! Please come and visit us for a couple weeks.
     We have been in many churches the last few weeks. Thank you so much to those of you who scheduled special meetings on weekday nights so we could visit with you. We are faithfully praying for you all! The baby is due May 16th
For His glory,
Tim, Leandra, and Lydia Hawes
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