Letter from Peter Flack

Hunter, Writer, Conservationist, Retired Game Rancher

November 2011 | www.peterflack.co.za

Dear <<First Name>>

This is my first attempt at a newsletter. I hope you enjoy it. I have sent it only to those who have written to me in the recent past. It will not be a regular letter but one which I intend to send only when I believe I have sufficient news of interest to you. If the past is anything to go by (and, yes, I know the future is not what it used to be), I would guess you can expect similar letters at irregular intervals throughout the year unless, of course, I hear from you to the contrary.

Regards, Peter

latest news

Germany, United States and Canada

I have just returned to Cape Town after a five week trip to Germany, the United States and Canada. One of the highlights was my first hunt off African soil for over 25 years. The reason behind the hunt was the natural history museum planned for Graaff Reinet, the fourth oldest town in South Africa.

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The South African Conservation Success Story

Follow the causes of the greatest destruction of wildlife this country has ever seen and then see how people rallied to protect our wildlife legacy.

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Hippopotamus - A Curious And Clever Beast

When I was growing up you could buy four small square pieces of Chappies bubblegum in their characteristic yellow, red and blue striped wrappings for a cent.

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Last Nile Buffalo In Dati

Have you ever had a premonition? I have. The strongest one was on the way to catch a plane to Tanzania - the plane was going to crash! The feeling all but overwhelmed me.

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The Legend Of Welverdiend

If a person wakes in the middle of the night with drops of perspiration rolling down his forehead, it is not because you live in Hoedspruit, but because you cannot help of dreaming about the ...

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Problem Animal Control in Tunisia or Tackling the Barbary Wild Boar

Many years ago I accompanied a man that was to become my boss on his first buffalo hunt. He was not as fit as he should have been nor as the circumstances demanded, a situation worsened by his ...

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