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4 April 2017 |

Dear <<First Name>>

The website has been updated with two new blog posts. Please do not hesitate to express your views which you can do at the bottom of each blog post on the website. As far as possible, I will try and respond within a reasonable period to all rational comments when I am contactable.

WWF – Its True Colours

BLOG: WWF – Its True Colours

Since my expulsion as a 30 year member and 20 year trustee of WWF Southern Africa for the crime of being a hunter, the controversy surrounding this matter will not die down. An article by Derek Carstens in the March issue of SA Hunter sought to establish the reasons for my expulsion as they and I both seemed to have the same objectives, namely, the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitats. ... continue reading

Why Men Trophy Hunt by Messrs Darimont, Codding and Hawke

BLOG: Why Men Trophy Hunt by Messrs Darimont, Codding and Hawke

Did you know that the reason you hunted was solely to boast about it – ‘signalling’ is the word used in the above article - the size of the animals you shot and the costs of the hunt - or for “status-accumulation” purposes, in other words, the same reason some people buy flashy cars or women flaunt expensive jewellery? Did you know that trophy hunting “can pose significant threats to hunted populations”? And that it is of concern that, “trophy hunting of rare species can propagate a feedback loop toward extinction? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Just like the old, worn, worthless, discredited accusations made by animal rightists like HSUS, PETA and IFAW and repeated by them ad nauseam, as if mere repetition could convert these lies to truth ... continue reading

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