How are we doing with the meeting's money?
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Money and the Quaker Meeting
  • Wednesday, October 12, 2016
  • 6:30 PM Pacific / 7:30 PM Mountain
  • 90 minutes
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"Today, at least in the liberal Quaker meetings I’m familiar with in the US, we are almost notoriously dysfunctional when it comes to money. Meetings often have a 'faith-based' rather than reality-based attitude toward their budgets. Meeting finances are often anything but transparent. Meetings are often reticent to ask for money, or even to talk about it. Quaker institutions and Quaker meetings at all levels of organization are struggling for their lives financially. And Friends who own their own businesses or who work in or for corporations often find themselves being harassed, even though they often are very generous with their talents and treasure – liberal Quakers often have a prejudice against business people."  – Steven Davison, “Quakers and Money,” May 28, 2016
In our online conversation on Wednesday, October 12, we will consider two groups of questions:
  • Income: How do our Quaker meetings estimate income for the coming year when budgeting? To what extent do we treat those annual income estimates as goals? What actions do we take to raise funds for our meetings? How have various fund-raising activities seemed more or less "Friendly" to the meeting's members and attenders?
  • Expenditures: How do our Quaker meetings determine our spending and saving priorities for the coming year? How do we assign dollar amounts to those priorities? How have different budgeted expenditures seemed more or less "Friendly" to the meeting's members and attenders? How has unity been found when such differences of opinion are strong?

Background reading

Western Friend offers this collection of quotations as background reading for our conversation about Money and the Quaker Meeting.

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