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THE DROPLET: Line of Defence
Pipe lining is quickly becoming a cheaper alternative for protecting drinking water from corrosive material and contamination - so what are the benefits?
Written by Rachel Phan

When the Town of Rothesay, New Brunswick began to receive complaints about dirty water, it was discovered that the source of the problem was a section of cast iron watermains constructed in the 1960s. Rather than digging up and replacing the pipes, the Town opted to explore other cheaper and less disruptive options. Pipe lining—a relatively new technology in North America—was chosen as the most convenient solution.

Liners are primarily used to solve the problem of municipal water pipe deterioration. When pipes are corroded over time, pipe liners are applied to the inside of unlined cast iron or cement mortar-lined pipes. While older structural spray lining, often called Cured-In-Place-Pipe, is slow setting and requires a minimum 16 hour cure period and an additional 36 hours of service shutdowns, the new generation polyurea pipe linings are rapid-setting and quick cure.

“Generally speaking, pipe liners have been specifically developed for the rehabilitation of potable water pipe infrastructure to help extend service life, reduce leaks, and improve water quality by preventing tuberculation—the build-up of corrosive material on the inside of iron piping—that can lead to colour, taste, and odour issues,” says Sylvain Masse, the business development manager of the 3M Infrastructure Protection Division.

“Essentially, liners reduce the contact water has with piping, which in turn reduces the likelihood of water discolouration and poor pressure,” 
he adds.

Aside from acting as a thin layer of protection, liners can also be applied as a structural addition to the pipe, which means the layer of liner can act as a pipe in the event that the actual pipe fails due to age or corrosion. As a result, pipe liners can prevent contaminants from reaching water in cases where the earth surrounding a corroding pip
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An Extra $770,000 Needed for Brant County Water Treatment Plant
  Brant County must add another $770,000 to the $3.7-million budget of a still incomplete project to upgrade the Mount Pleasant water treatment plant.
Ottawa's 2014 Budget Includes Water-Related Proposals and Projects
  Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduced the 2014 federal budget in Parliament on Tuesday. He later described the budget as “boring” while appearing before the press, referring to a lack of “flashy spending." Budget 2014 focuses on two key themes: jobs and the economy, especially skills development, infrastructure, and manufacturing, and balancing the budget for 2015-2016.
Cornwall to Make Hundreds of Thousands Off New Water Agreement
  The Cornwall Seaway News reported on February 10 that city councillors in Cornwall, Ontario have approved a water-sharing agreement with the neighbouring townships of North and South Glengarry. The partnership with Cornwall is expected to relieve the water access problems of both townships.
Mississauga Wins Sustainable Communities Award
  The City of Mississauga has won a Sustainable Communities Award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for its green approach to stormwater management. Mississauga, Ontario was recognized for its one-of-a-kind Elm Drive retrofit.
GLOBE 2014 Taking Place March 26-28 in Vancouver
  GLOBE 2014, part of the biennial GLOBE Series which has been active since 1990, will take place March 26-28, in Vancouver. The 12 prior events in the Series have examined methods for corporations to embed sustainability into their operations, influenced the global debate on climate change, and accelerated the market for clean technologies and services.

GLOBE 2014 will offer in-depth analysis of challenging issues at the nexus between people, planet, and profits; critical insight from more than 150 speakers and innovators; and active participation through new interactive sessions. More information here.



February 18, 2014



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