Friends and Family of YUM Church,

This Sunday we’ll meet for worship on the grass park behind the Yarrow Community Center/Hall. This will be our last meeting before we change our worship time to 10 am for the summer and we thought it would be fun to play games with the kids after the service like a Sunday School picnic.

Together we’ll worship, having a picnic and play some Sunday school games. We’ll do this all in the park behind at the Yarrow Community Center/Hall.

In order to be prepared for worship outside:

  • Bring lawn chairs along for sitting during the service.

  • If you are staying for lunch, then pack a lunch. We’re not providing lunch but we will eat together.

  • Bring some shoes that are good for games like a 3 legged race, sack race and carrying an egg in a spoon.

  • Bring some sun glasses because it might be bright!

  • Bring a great attitude and pray for sunshine!

If you can volunteer to help with the games please contact Christina - 236-333-5038 she’d appreciate a few extra hands.

Christ our guide, stay with us on our pilgrimage through life: when we falter, encourage us, when we stumble, steady us, and when we have fallen, pick us up.

Help us to become, step by step, more truly ourselves, and remind us that you have travelled this way before us. ~ Prayer from Angela Ashwin

Blessings and we’ll see you then ❤️