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The Yankee Groundhopper

ISSUE #4 – MARCH 27, 2017

English Soccer Travel: What Does it Cost?

Among many questions to answer, should you be interested in catching a soccer game in England, is what it will cost. So in this issue of the Groundhopper, I am going to get into that just a bit.

Getting There, Getting Around, Getting In

A roundtrip ticket from the West Coast, where I always start, runs something like $1,100 -- a little less if you start farther east. It's more in summer, of course, but one of the things you will love about watching soccer in England is that you don't have to fight the crowds or costs of summer travel!

To save money on flights, I suggest you subscribe to the daily email from, which often includes tickets to Europe in the $600 range.

Another tip is to look into the world of travel hacking (the credit card / points / status game), which I wrote a whole blog post about. Travel hacking is not only how I make the whole thing work -- I haven't paid for an airplane ticket for my last six or seven trips -- but also how I managed to fly business class to London one time.

Once you're over there, of course, it's all about your travel style -- car vs. train vs. bus, for example. AirBnB vs. hostel vs. hotel. But the short answer is this: with frequent flier miles covering my tickets, and staying mostly in cheap hotels, I keep my total costs well under $200 per day.

Somewhere in there is the question of tickets, of course. A future Groundhopper will talk all about that, but you can expect to pay $25-100 for a seat at the game -- if you can get them!

I wrote an entire blog post about the costs of English soccer travel, and you can find that right here.

Meet a New Club: Brighton and Hove Albion

I will introduce you to a new club in each issue of the Groundhopper. "New” in this case assumes you wouldn't know about a team that hasn't played in the top division since 1983.

But next year, it looks very likely that Premier League teams and fans will be making the trip to the South Coast to take on the mighty Seagulls of Brighton and Hove Albion. And it is a great place to visit, as well.

Brighton are killing it in The Championship this year and look likely to "go up." Read this post to know what all this division and "go up" stuff means, and click here to get to know Brighton and Hove Albion just a little more.

From My YouTube Channel

Every issue, I dip into my Youtube channel for a video from my travels. This one is from the away end at Stamford Bridge a few years back. The visitors, Sunderland in red and white, were leading Chelsea in injury time, and this video is of the last couple of minutes. My neighbors from the Northeast were, shall we say, encouraging Mr. Referee to blow his whistle already.
Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland, 4-19-2014, last two minutes


Readers' Adventures

I get emails all the time from people who want to plan their own soccer adventures, and I absolutely love helping out.

Usually what people want is tickets to the Man U, Chelsea, or Arsenal game. And there's not a lot I can do for them.

What I really dig, though, is helping people find what I consider the real fun: going to smaller clubs they haven't heard of and having a more genuine experience.

One such example was Dean, a policeman from Canada, whom I sent to two places: Goodison Park, home of Everton FC in Liverpool, and Fleetwood Town FC, on the coast near Blackpool. Here is his report from the latter.

Looking for a Particular Club?

Over on my website, I have written a bunch of stuff about English soccer. I have travel tips, ticket advice, personal stories, "study the game" features, and so on. As of this Groundhopper, there are 95 posts in all at

One list that you might find helpful is where I sort everything I've written by the clubs it referred to. So if you're watching a game on TV, hear a reference to Newcastle, and think "What's that all about," well, here is everything I've written about Newcastle.

Here is the full list of the 92 clubs, with links to the ones I have covered in some way.
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