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Hitting the Reset Button

AUGUST 16, 2013
Greetings, Friends and Neighbors!

Every now and then, you kind of have to hit the reset button. It’s true for people and businesses as well as machines. Stuff gets clogged up and confused, the gears slow down, output drops, internal analysis starts to pile up …. Time to unplug that thing and let it sit.
And so I did, in hot tubs at Breitenbush Hot Springs, for a week. Since I am both a person and a business, I needed a double reset.
What does this have to do with you, and breakfast, and books? For starters, I’ve been crap at writing Bulletins lately. Same for books, really; I didn’t get the new breakfast book done before the new hiking book arrived on my “to-do” list, with perfect hiking weather coming along with it. And I got really busy doing other stuff – often other people’s stuff. Also, there was this crazy idea about doing a podcast. (more on that in a moment)
So the reset button’s been hit, and here is where we stand in the Vast Breakfast Empire.
First, Let’s Talk About Me and You
I was put on this Earth to write and tell stories – to be informative and entertaining – and I have gotten away from that lately. Witness the lack of Bulletins, new books, and blog posts. So I’m making a commitment here. There will be a Bulletin every two weeks, a hike and a breakfast every week, and news related to each subject three times a month. And three new books next year. There, I said it out loud.
Third Edition of Breakfast in Bridgetown: March, 2014
Early this summer, I reached a point where I could (in theory) push really hard and squeeze out … something … by the time I said I would – or I could accept reality, push it back and do it the right way. I chose the latter. This means more breakfast outings! At least, it will when I get my hiking done.
5th Edition of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Portland: May 2014
Stay tuned over at for chances to come hiking and work off those breakfasts, because I am hiking like a madman these days to write the best 60 Hikes book I can. Apparently people still like it. I also post hike reviews and current news and conditions, like where are the flowers blooming. Right now, it’s time to go see the alpine meadows and wildflowers on Mount Hood, like at the fabulous Lookout Mountain.
Podcast: Dead
In the first life of the Breakfast Podcast, it was all so simple: meet the guests at a studio, do the interview, go home and post it to the Web. When I started to do it myself recently, they sounded like crap. I found out you have to have the right microphones, the right person to handle them and mix it all together, somebody else to get it online, and still deal with flaky/busy restaurant people. And even when I did all of that, it was a pain in the ass that didn’t pay me. I have enough of those in my life, so I killed it. Maybe next year. Hmm, speaking of next year ...
Guided Hiking Trips: Europe 2014! And the Rockies, and …
This is the new direction in my professional life. The phrase that kept coming up at Breitenbush was “Travel, Hike, Write.” If it ain’t one of those three things, I ain’t interested. So there will be at least two European trips for the Mazamas in 2014.  And Now … Breakfast Stuff!

Yes, I’m still the Breakfast Guy – and there’s been plenty of breakfasts and breakfast news out there recently. Rather than list all of the latter here, I’ll just provide links to my more-or-less weekly news posts. Major recent highlights include an additional location for Broder coming this fall, four new weekend brunches on the east side, and a new location for Pine State Biscuits.
I also put together a list of the Best Outdoor Portland Breakfasts, since the sun is shining and all. And I did a list of Iconic Greasy Spoon breakfasts for EaterPDX.
The Crew and I have been out to dig some new meals, too, including Raven and Rose downtown and Pattie’s Homeplate Cafe in St. Johns.
Enough About Me
This has been a somewhat self-indulgent Bulletin, so thanks for reading. Had some things on my mind, and the biggest one has been “I need to get back to writing, clean out the pipes a little.” Plus I had (shaking my head) four months of stuff to catch up on since the last Bulletin.
So please forgive the crud, if that’s how it read. I’m getting better at focusing, and from now on I’ll focus my working mind on Travel, Hiking, (eating breakfast) and Writing. Thanks for coming along.

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