Happy Premier League Fixtures Release Day!
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The Groundhopper

ISSUE #48 - June 18, 2019

Groundhoppers, Start Your Engines

Happy Premier League Fixtures Release Day!

I am pretty sure I made up that holiday just now. But honestly, so many people were looking so forward to June 13 for so long that it just feels like it needed a name. In fact, the whole reason I am late in this holiday greetings is that I had 60+ potential groundhoppers on my "June 13" list at Groundhopper Guides, and I've heard from about 40 more since the big day. So I've been plowing through some emails.

After all, many of us want to see games, and we need to buy plane tickets and everything. Plus, it's just plain exciting to plan these trips. So let's get into the 2019-20 Premier League schedule (or "fixtures list").

First, here is my updated look at the whole 2019-20 English and European schedule. With the Premier League in there now, plus the FA Cup and European dates, all we need is the Football League schedule to come out June 20 and the Carabao / League Cup to finally announce something beyond the first round.

Of course, the Premier League schedule isn't really the final version. Throughout the season, TV networks will change days and kickoff times, and so will Europa League games. Here are the dates when those decisions will be announced.

Speaking of the Europa League, here are those dates. Wolverhampton starts in July, then Arsenal and Manchester United join in September. Those games are all on Thursday nights.

And speaking of the FA Cup, here are those dates. Premier League and Championship teams join the weekend of January 4.

Love derbies? Who doesn't? Here are all the top Premier League derbies for the upcoming season.

The New "Winter Break"

We do have a new twist this season: a "winter break." I put that in quotes, because it isn't really a break. That is, there isn't a weekend without Premier League games, other than the pre-existing international breaks.

It boils down to this: every club will have either the weekend of February 8 or February 15 off. We just won't know who has which week off until December. Because heaven forbid the league would consider the travel plans of actual supporters.

Here's more on all of that.

From the Groundhopper Guides YouTube Channel

The next Groundhopper is going to have a big focus on the new stadium at Tottenham Hotspur in London. Here is a little preview.

I shot this from some of the hospitality seats I offer at the new place, during a Spurs-Everton game on the last day of the season. It shows Everton scoring a goal in front of their fans, but you might notice the Everton fans started cheering early.

Are they future seers? No. They had just gotten the word that Manchester City had scored against Brighton, meaning Liverpool wouldn't be winning the league!


Updated Google Map of 100+ UK Clubs

With all the promotions and relegations set from the 2018-19 season, I have now updated my Google Map of the top six tiers of English soccer clubs.

That's the 20 Premier League clubs, 72 Football League Clubs, and another 72 from the National League (tier 5), National League North and National League South (tier 6).

You can look at just one league or several at the same time. It's pretty much a masterpiece of my obsessive brain.

Here is the map.

Books, Consulting and Tickets on Sale

With the schedule out, and people getting excited about the new season, and maybe about a groundhopping adventure, I have been one busy boy. That's actually why this Groundhopper is coming out a few days later than I said it would.

I love connecting people with soccer adventures in England, so here are three ways to do it.
  1. Reserve a signed book and use coupon code 2020 to get 20% off. It's due out August 1.
  2. Get sone consultation help; these purchases include the book and count towards future purchases of ...
  3. Get some tickets!
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