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Welcome to the June edition of the SEEd e-newsletter. Here, you will find news on sustainable development in the Education sector and sustainable schools, ESD, environment news, sustainability news, jobs, funding and any upcoming events, courses or consultations.

MarrakechI have just returned from the World Environmental Education Congress in Marrakech - well someone had to go! It did make me feel proud of how well organised our own conferences are - as this one was not. However, there were 1300 delegates present (they think - the number changed every day). They tried to do everything paperless - but with only 16 computers and the 4-day agenda changing daily, plus the internet unable to cope with us all, I ended up sitting in a room and hoping for the best. Turns out this serendipitous approach was being adopted by all! Furthermore, there was an alternative agenda approach - you met someone, chatted, asked them when they were presenting and then trotted along having filled your own calendar this way.
The only workshops I wanted to attend either didn't happen or I couldn't find. One of the best ones, however, was where we all decided to make the most of it, discuss the topic and share experiences - fabulous! It really made me think that in education it is not always good to plan and map everything - some of the best learning happens in other unexpected ways.
But what did I learn? There are a huge number of researchers out there and all over the world! I also felt that this research was beginning to reflect a maturing of our discipline. Many were interested not in new programmes or projects, but what was the impact or take up of EE or ESD. Again, there were some unexpected results. But also some people were just starting and were finding it hard to know where to begin.
I was very interested to hear about a research project from Plymouth University by Professor Debbie Cotton and others looking at what undergraduates understood about energy and energy efficiency. This type of study is probably the closest we will get to longitudinal studies of the impact of school approaches to EE and ESD. The results? Well, they knew a lot about switching lights off, but little about the science or current state of renewables in the UK.
Turns out neither did I! So, did you know that we currently generate the most renewable energy in the UK from biogas, and that this has changed over the past 10 years? It made me think about how we need to incorporate teaching and learning with these school action projects on such things as energy, but also made me wonder how teachers are staying up to date on topics like energy facts. Answers in an email postcard to me I think! Now there is another plug for our National Sustainable Schools Conference on July 10th if I ever heard one!
See you there,
Ann Finlayson


SEEd News

  • Learning Outside the ClassroomSEEd Webinar: Success in learning outside the classroom – Join us on the 26th June and learn everything you need to know about the benefits of LOtC (Learning Outside the Classroom). Presented by Victoria Wilcher from the LOtC Council, make sure you catch this one so you can see exactly how to integrate the outdoors with other learning. Read more and sign up here →
  • SEEd is recruiting summer interns – this is a great experience if you are thinking of working in the education for sustainability field. We pay lunch and London travel. Email us →.
  • NSSC conference - It’s nearly here! The National Sustainable School’s Conference takes place in London on the 10th July and it’s your chance to learn about the latest developments, resources and ideas about sustainability. Read more here →

SEEd Member News

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  • Modeshift – Modeshift, engaged in school travel, have published the first of three annual newsletters, with news about OFSTED and offers for schools. Read more here →
  • Teaching For A Better World – SEEd member David Hicks’ website is full to the brim with information and lots of different resources, all aiming to further his readers’ knowledge of sustainability in the context of education. Read more here →
  • Okehampton College – Read a blog from a student at Okehampton College about how she gets involved with saving energy in her school. Read more →

Education and Environment News

  • Ash genome reveals fungus resistanceNews round-up from SD Scene – the UK Government’s Sustainable Development section has recently been updated with a round-up of some recent sustainability news. Read more →
  • ‘Ash genome reveals fungus resistance’ – Scientists have sequenced the genome of a type of ash tree with resistance to the deadly fungal disease sweeping the UK. Read more →
  • ‘Norway leads the way in turning waste into energy’ – UK cities are paying to send rubbish to Norwegian incinerators for it to be turned into energy. Read more →

Sustainable Schools Stories

  • Batley Girls’ High School, West Yorkshire – Although initially faced with a number of challenges such as a poor environment and a low regard for the school amongst the community, Batley Girls’ School has overcome these with the help of an emphasis on sustainable living and the environment to its pupils. Read here how Batley sets a high standard for sustainability in schools

Research, Publications and Guidance

  • World Environment DayDoes this map from The Guardian show that education does not in itself lead to employment, and that other factors are at play? For more information, click here →
  • The 2015 Post - Want to know what happened after Rio+20? Want to know what is happening with the replacing of the Millennium Development Goals? How is civil society being engaged in these UN processed? What are other voices saying? Read more →

Take Part

  • World Environment Day – Alright, so this may have been a few weeks ago now, but let’s re-cap! World Environment Day, on the 5th of June, was run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and had the theme Think.Eat.Save., encouraging everyone to reduce their ‘foodprint’. Read more →
  • Global Environment Alert Service – Whilst we’re on UNEP, you can read more about their service to help keep you on top of the very latest environmental news. Find out more →
  • Opal Tree Survey – Get out there and contribute to this nationwide survey into the health of our trees. Read more →

Events and Courses

  • Place-based Learning Conference – Taking place on the 18th 20th July 2013, this conference in Kinvara on the West coast of Ireland is idea for anyone with an interest in place-based learning. Read more →
  • Learning through Landscapes: Lead Teacher in Outdoor Learning training – Ideal for those living in central Scotland, this course allows teachers to explore the value of outdoor learning at the LtL base, before returning to their schools and applying their new skills. Read more →
  • Engineering Education for Sustainable Development – Registration has now opened for this Conference taking place from the 22nd  - 25th September 2013. It’s focus will be on the evolution of sustainable development thinking in young engineers. Click here to read more →
  • EMS - 9th July: Glasgow Breakfast Seminar – Best Western Garfield House Hotel, Cumbernauld Road, Stepps, Glasgow, G33 6HW. Read more →


  • Calshot Activities Centre: Field Studies Tutor – If you’re looking for a job where your everyday activities include skiing, archery or rock climbing, then do have a look at this position at Calshot Activities Centre. Previous teaching experience is essential. Read more and apply here →
  • Blackpool Zoo: Education Officer and Work Experience Co-ordinator – Blackpool Zoo are seeking an Education Officer to help with the development and delivery of keystage 1-4, FE and HE sessions, as well as the Zoo’s keeper courses. The work experience responsibilities will include recruiting and inducting volunteers. Read more and apply here →
  • Royal Highland Education Trust: Learning and Development Co-ordinator – A new, full-time role has opened up at the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) for an individual with excellent training and development skills and a good knowledge of the farming, food and education sectors. Responsibilities will include providing skill-based training to co-ordinators, volunteers and teachers, in order to improve the service of RHET. Click here to read more →

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