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NEWSLETTER - 11th November 2013
Dear all,

Mountains… since my childhood, they have always fascinated me, amazed me, impressed me, even scared me sometimes, but they are truly and simply majestic. Despite growing up in the plains of western France, according to my parents I started walking at the foot of Mont Blanc, at Les Houches exactly where they used to take us on holiday, me, my brother and my sister, when we were kids. I may not have become a great mountaineer, but a passionate love for the mountains has certainly anchored in me since my youngest age. It is therefore no coincidence if today, the vast majority of what I photograph includes in one way or another, mountains.

"Painted Landscape"
(Tunupa Volcano and Uyuni Salt Flat, South Lipez, Bolivia))
Even if it is indeed the Alps and mainly the Swiss ones that I favour, since I live in the middle of them, out of all my travels it is the Bolivian mountains which have so far amazed me the most. The fact that they are very wild is certainly one main reason for it, as I love so much these places still unspoiled by human, and where nature is at its purest. To take one example amongst others, it is impossible to describe all the emotions that filled me when I captured the above photo from the top of Tunupa Volcano in south Bolivia. After more than 5 hours of climbing, I found myself standing at 5100m of altitude , completely alone, to enjoy the dusk light falling on the colourful slopes of the mountain, dominating the white immensity of the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni. These moments are deep unforgettable personal experiences of course, but the fun does not end there. For me, the final outcome of all these special moments really materializes when I can finally share it with others, with you, my friends and my family. And that is the great magic of photography.

"Dentelle Stampliote" (Masquée Bleue, Istanbul, Turquie)
"Beyond The Peaks"
(Breithorn and Matterhorn, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland)

"Alpine Mirror"
(Chalberboden, Bernese Alps, Switzerland)

(Crêt aux Moines, Vaudois Jura, Switzerland)

"Altitude River"
(Aletsch Glacier, Bernese Alps, Switzerland)

I could talk to you about many more of these experiences that photography has allowed me to live, but given my very limited writing skills, I prefer to let this newsletter's pictures talk for themselves as they are recent testimonies of some of these moments. And it is well known that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Out of those moments, I chose exactly 16 for my next photo exhibition entitled "Majestic" as a tribute to all those mountains that I have come to photograph during the last 13 years. This exhibition will take place from the 20th-24th November at the Rencontre de l’Aventure Festival of Bulle (Switzerland). Thanks to the very large format prints that I will display, you will be able to immerse yourselfe into the immensity of these beautiful mountain sceneries. I will be on the show throughout the whole event so I'm already looking forward to see you there and exchange a few words.

"Alpine Magic"
(Mischabel, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland)
I have been talking to you about it for a while now and some of you are probably wondering if they will ever see the pictures. I am of course talking about my work on the Bolivian south-est Lipez landscape. Indeed, in autumn 2012 I spent 6 weeks in this area, guided by my friend Daniel Chappuis and a local friend Johnny Velasquez, in order to capture some totally exclusive pictures of breath-taking scenery never photographed before (at least to our knowledge) .
It is now several years that Daniel travels in this region of the world and he has undertaken the task of helping, in the most ethical way possible, the local people to get a better life. We hope that the publica-
tion of photographs of these exceptional landscapes will contribute to Daniel’s action. A major milestone has been reached in this project, as the first publication of all images has now been completed via a dedicated web page on my website. It is located in a new section called "Aid" which currently contains only the page about "Bolivia." Other support actions will be added soon but for now it is Bolivia which is in the spotlight. It is therefore with great pleasure that I invite you to come and discover all these exclusive images as well all the details of Daniel’s action.

And for those wishing to discover all this in a more lively way, Daniel and I will be presenting a conference on the subject, supported by a slideshow and a video, on Thursday 21th November at 8pm as part of the Rencontres de l’Aventure Festival of Bulle ( Switzerland). We look forward to seeing you there.

Once again, this year’s autumn hasn’t failed in its reputation of being an exceptional season for landscape photography. I hope you have been able to capture, or simply just enjoy, the vegetation’s colour display as well as the fireworks of light which only Nature knows how to create.

While all these delicious colours are gently fading away, winter is already knocking at the door and here we are again, only a few weeks away from the annual festivities. Yes, already. It is therefore also the time for me to announce that my 2014 Wall Calendar "Swiss Alps" is available and you can order it now through my online Shop.

"Autumnal Symphony"
(Weissmies and Mischabel Massifs, Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland)

I am also pleased to announce that the dates of my 2014 mountain photography workshops are available. You can find all the details on my website's Workshops page. Each year they do fill up pretty rapidly so if you want to participate I invite you to register without much delay. I look forward to meeting you at one of these courses.

Résumé de mes dernières nouvelles photographiques en bref :

Photo Exhibition
Exhibition of my best mountain images, in very large format prints, at the Rencontres de l'Aventure festival of Bulle (Switzerland), from 20th-24th November 2013.
All the details on my website's Exhibition page..
"Exclusive Bolivia"
Thursday 21st November 2013 at 8pmRencontres de l'Aventure festival of Bulle (Switzerland).
Daniel Chappuis and myself will present of 1h conference, supported by a slideshow and a video, regarding the aid undertaken for the population of Bolivia's South-Est Lipez as well as all the details about the 2012 autumn expedition to capture the exclusive images.
For further details please visit my website's Exhibition page.
2014 Calendar
"Swiss Alps"
My 2014 Wall Calendar "Swiss Alps" is now available. You can order it via my online Shop (as long as supplies last).

All the details regarding the calendar, its content, format, etc as well as how to order it can be found on my website's Calendars page.
2014 Photo
The dates for my  2014 Mountain Photo Workshops are now available on my website. For more information and to register please visit the Worlshops page.
Award The image "Golden Reflection" has been awarded 1st price in the landscape category of the world famous Nature's Best Photography photo contest.
More information on my website  by clicking here.

I wish you a very beautiful end of autumn, and hope to maybe see you at my next photo exhibition, conference, workshop or others.

"Alpine Lace"
(Valaisannes Alps, Switzerland)

"Flamingo's Walk"
(Laguna Colorada, South Lipez, Bolivia)

Bien amicalement.