NEWSLETTER - 19th November 2014
Dear All,

At the time of writing my last Newsletter, I was in the starting blocks! I was about to embark on a short journey to discover China, well, at least a small part of it, the country being so big that several lives would be needed to explore it all.

"Golden Stairway"
(Rice Terraces, Yuanyang, China)
“This trip proved to be profoundly rich, as much on a human than on photographic level”

This trip proved to be profoundly rich, as much on a human than on photographic level. Indeed I have been lucky not only to see spectacular sceneries but I have also had the pleasure to meet some truly charming people, especially the ethnic minorities of the Yunnan region. Until now, I had concentrated my photographic work mainly on landscape and nature, but in this remote part of China, still preserved from mass tourism, it is with great emotion that a new world opened itself to me. You can enjoy a few of these images in this Newsletter as well as on my Facebook page (yes, I’m finally on it!!).
“The spectacular Bernese Haute Route”

Back home in Switzerland, I have dedicated some time to organise a new and rather unique photo workshop for you. Indeed, it is in a mountaineering environment, on the spectacular Bernese Haute Route exactly, that I have decided to bring you next summer. An incredible workshop is therefore waiting for you where during 5 full days, safely guided by the professional mountain guide Jérôme Gottofrey, we will be photographing while mountaineering amongst a wonderful world made of wide glaciers dominated by impressive 4000 meter peaks. I say no more and let you discover all the details of this exceptional workshop directly on my website.

"Morning Majic"
(Oberaarhorn, Bernese Alps, Switzerland)
This year’s workshops have once again been a great success, and I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of the participants with whom I have spent some truly great moments. It is therefore with immense pleasure that I invite you all again to join me next year for yet more great adventures in my 2015 workshop. The dates are now available on my website.

For all other hot news, I let you discover them below.

My latest photographic news in brief:

Mountain Photo
The dates of my 2015 Mountain Photo Workshops are now available on my website.
Please click here to check out all their details and to register..

Each year, they get filled very quickly. I can only encourage you to register without too much delay if you don’t want to be disappointed.
Photo Workshop
Bernese Haute Route
Starting next summer, I propose you a brand new workshop on the theme of “high altitude mountain photography”. It takes place on the spectacular Bernese Haute Route. Contrary to the better known and more traditional Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route, the Bernese one is just as beautiful, even better to my eyes, and at least it is less busy and therefore the huts are much less crowded and more comfortable. The walking time per day is also more adequate for photography. You will also have the opportunity to climb two easy peaks of 3600m of altitude.

For all the details of this workshop, please click here.
2015 Calendar
« Swiss Alps »
Yes, it’s already time to think about it!!
The end of the year is fast approaching and it is always a great pleasure to propose you my "Swiss Alps" Calendar where you will be able to enjoy 12 of my latest panoramic images in a 30 x 60cm format.

You can order it directly from my website by clickinig here.
« Bolivia »
Grain d’Sel cinema, Bex (Switzerland).
Monday 1st December 2014 – 20:00
I am pleased to invite you to the projection of the film “Every Day is Night”, from my friend Jean-Claude Wicky. A very moving film about the hard life of Bolivian miners, result of a remarkable 17 year photographic work from Jean-Claude.

Tuesday 2nd December 2014 – 20:00
My friend Daniel Chappuis and I are pleased to invite you to our conference « Exclusive Bolivia ». We will be talking about Daniels' explorations of South-East Lipez and the 4 weeks expedition during which I joined him to gather some exclusive images of those areas. Our talk will be supported by a video and a slideshow.

Find out more about this event by clicking here.
Photo Exhibition
« Majestics »
Images and Snow (Images et Neige) Photo Festival, Cluses (France)
23-25 January 2015

I will be showing my exhibition "Majestics" at the festival where I will be present during the whole event. I am looking forward to meeting you there.

For all the details of this exhibition, click here.
Facebook Page
Yes! You may not believe it, well, me neither! But it is true; I really am on Facebook  ;-).
Indeed since May this year, I have finally created my Facebook page. While waiting for my new website to be completed, this page will allow me to share with you my latest images as well as major news and events.

Connect to my Facebook page by clicking here.
Gift Vouchers
As Christmas is arriving soon, you will be happy to know that you can now purchase Gift Vouchers directly from my website’s online shop.
The person to whom you will offer this Gift Voucher will then be able to claim it on any of my services and products such as fine art prints, workshops, calendars, etc.

To order your Gift Voucher, please click here.
As autumn and its flamboyant colours are coming to an end, I wish you all a beautiful winter, plenty of snow to enjoy, and see you soon for some more photographic news.

I leave you with a few more of my latest images from my trip to China as well as from my 5 day trip on the Bernese Haute Route, the destination of one of my 2015 workshops.

(Rice Terraces Culture, Yuanyang, China)

"Morning Ritual"
(Rice Terraces Culture, Yuanyang, China)

"Colorful Smile"
(Laomeng, Yuanyang, China)

"Heaven's Taste"
(Oberaarhorn, Bernese Alps, Switzerland)

Until next time, keep well, and I wish you all the best of lights.