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The minimum safety rating?

So, what was or what would be your minimum preference in terms of safety star rating when you chose your car? Do you only buy 5 star rates cars or are you ok with a...

Skoda boss responds poorly

As for Zac's reply, I d say it takes courage to make a comment like that. Yes, Skoda suffers from perennial ASS horror stories and he...

Indian vs Foreign Hyundais

From the least expensive Hyundai car currently sold in India to the most expensive one, and everything inbetween, we shall take a look at...

The mountains...in a Mercedes

The drive to the Pass is exceedingly beautiful and I must have stopped on numerous occasions just to take the scenery in. There was sparse...

Used Honda City Diesel

This thread is about our Honda City iDTEC,which we bought in 2017 when it had run just 35000 Kms from a doctor,who had bought a Polo GT TSI...

Online serial number scam

This is their new Modus Operandi, happened to me as well while I was trying to exchange my laptop. FK says the serial number is different and...

Bricks fell on neighbour's car!

Today, due to some unknown influence, the bricks fell on a dzire parked in front of it. Now the owner of dzire is expecting me to cover all...

USB Hubs for work desk

I am looking for a elegant way to manage these, and eventually move towards a high speed USB charging hub or one of those integrated power...

Hyundai AX1 micro-SUV spied testing

Renault Kiger (HBC) concept teaser out!

Maruti sold 2 lakh cars through its online sales channel

Volkswagen Taigun listed on brand's Indian website

Lewis Hamilton wins his 7th Formula 1 world title

BF Goodrich India's website goes live!

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