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December Topics:
New Online Process for Workers Compensation Report – Do it now
Nominations & Elections – Embrace Diversity
Legislation Conference Feb 8 & 9 - Sign up now
PTA High School Senior Scholarship application due Feb 15 
Required Review and Audits - Monthly, Mid-Year, and End-of-Year
Tax Document Upload to myPTEZ
Check your Membership Numbers Now
Save the Date – Feb 23 at 7 pm – virtual PTA Founders Day Event & Election Meeting
If you have PTA/PTSA questions, please ask us
Happy Holidays!  Take a break…


New Online Process for Workers Compensation Report – Do it now

All PTAs are required to complete the Workers Compensation Annual Payroll Report annually, even if no one was paid for services.  It is used to indicate if you paid anyone (including employees and independent contractors) for services, and the amounts you paid, if any. It covers the period from January 5, 2020 to January 4, 2021 and is due January 31, 2021.
What's New This Year for the WC form?
1. An updated report form that is simpler and easier to complete! If your PTA did not pay anyone, fill in the form and simply check the box that indicates "No One Paid."
2. New, completely online submission process:
You can access the new online submission form at
If you cannot access the online submission report (or prefer paper):
 please contact AIM at (800) 876-4044 and ask for a paper form to be mailed to you,
or download a paper form at
Both online and paper report forms are available in English and Spanish.
3. Invoice - If your PTA/PTSA owes a surcharge, the confirmation email from the online form will include a calculated invoice to pay the surcharge to AIM directly.
4. Send reports directly to AIM, not to your Council or District PTA. The new Workers' Compensation Report, and any surcharge that might be due, should be sent directly to AIM. Reports will be included in the confirmation email and should be uploaded into myPTEZ, NOT be sent through channels.

Please note: This new process only applies to the Workers’ Compensation report and any surcharge you may owe. Every unit should still pay their regular $258 insurance premium through PTA channels by Nov 15.

For more details on what information the Workers Compensation Report collects, see:

Get Ready for Nominations - Embrace Diversity

Now is the time for your PTA/PTSA to elect a nominating committee to find candidates for next year’s Executive Board.  The slate of proposed nominees must be posted where PTA/PTSA members can read it, at least 30 days before the Association Meeting for the Election.   Your PTA/PTSA bylaws state the month the annual election meeting is held (March or April). 
Ideally your PTA's Executive Board includes representatives from the various social and cultural groups at the school: parents of students at all grade levels, languages spoken, neighborhoods, genders, and any other divisions.  We recommend exploring the National PTA Diversity Toolkit:

Legislation Conference Feb 8 & 9 - Sign up now

The State PTA Legislation Conference will be held online on Feb 8 & 9, 2021 and will cost $50.  If you are interested in convincing our legislators to support public schools and the health and safety of all children, this conference will give you the tools.  Sign up at:
The 17th District PTA is offering scholarships to reimburse this conference fee. 
Apply here by Feb 1:


PTA High School Senior Scholarship application due Feb 15

This scholarship recognizes volunteer service in the school and community and does not have a grade point average restriction or requirement.  The application can be submitted online or mailed in, but must be received by the State PTA before midnight on Feb 15.  It requires short essays, 2 reference letters and a copy of the student’s PTA/PTSA Membership Card. 

Required Review & Audits - Monthly, Mid-Year, End-of-Year

Each month the PTA's bank statements must be opened by a non-check signer and then reviewed, signed, and dated. In addition, the AIM insurance company requires that the bank reconciliations be reviewed, signed, and dated monthly by a non-check signer. It can be the same person who reviews the bank statement.  Your PTA/PTSA insurance coverage may be voided if these requirements are not met.  See specific Five Minute Audit steps at:

The Mid-Year and End-of-Year audits must use the Audit Checklist and Audit Report form in the online PTA Toolkit at:
Then the audits must be reviewed by an audit review committee unless the audit is conducted by a qualified accountant, who is trained/licensed to conduct audits and/or review accounting records, such as a Public Accountant or Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  The audit review committee must be made up of at least two people and may include the auditor. The committee needs to review the work of the auditor and then sign the audit report. Once this has been completed, the audit must be presented to the Executive Board as well as the General Association for adoption.

Tax Document Upload to myPTEZ

Now that your PTA’s tax returns are filed (they were due November 15 for most PTAs/PTSAs), please upload copies of all of the tax returns (IRS 990, FTB 199, RRF-1 with CT-TR-1 if it was required) into the myPTEZ Document Management module.  This module is free for all PTAs/PTSAs, whether or not they use myPTEZ for their financial software.  Please note that only one file can be uploaded into any slot, so first combine any schedules with their long form tax return into one file, and if you filed a CT-TR-1, combine it with your RRF-1.  By storing the tax returns in myPTEZ, they will be available as a reference for next year’s treasurer, as well as for the California State PTA staff if there is a question in the future. 

If you need a Login for access to myPTEZ, please email .  

If you cannot use myPTEZ, please email or send copies of your PTA’s tax returns to the 17th District PTA Treasurer to be uploaded.

Check your Membership Numbers Now

Now is the time to check your membership list and make sure that not too many or too few dues have been forwarded.  If we can catch it early, 17th District PTA may be able to correct a dues accounting error.  After the end of the fiscal year, there is no possibility of correction. 

When members join your PTA/PTSA, they also join the State PTA and National PTA which is why your PTA/PTSA forwards part of their dues to the next level of PTA.  If they join online using the Totem electronic membership system, their dues are automatically split between the PTA levels, so your PTA/PTSA should not forward any dues for online Totem members.

Save the Date – Feb 23 at 7 pm – Virtual PTA Founders Day Event & Election Meeting

At our 17th District PTA Founders Day Event on Zoom, we will display our Reflections Art Program entries, present our Honorary Service Awards to outstanding volunteers and education community members, and hold the election for our PTA officers for the 2021-2023 term.  Watch for your emailed invitation in January.
If you want to nominate someone (who has made a big impact on students, families, or education across the region) for an Honorary Service Award, please email their name, contact info, and achievements to with “HSA Nominee” in the subject line by Dec 31.

If you have PTA/PTSA questions, please ask us

The volunteers on the 17th District PTA board are happy to answer your PTA/PTSA questions to make your job easier.  Email us at

Happy Holidays!  Take a break…

We hope that you will find the time to hug your family, take a wintry breath of fresh air, and be cozy at home over these winter holidays.

Thank you for all your work in 2020 on behalf of all families and children. We know that this has been a challenging year for many families. PTAs are even more important in times like this!

Daniela Relaford, President, and the entire board of the 17th District PTA
Copyright © 2020 17th District PTA, All rights reserved.

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