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 Summertime fun
August 2021 Hours
3 Benefits of Massage Therapy
(That perhaps you didn't know you needed)

Also Included:
Mobile Treatments Delivered to You!
Health and Safety Measure in Place
Review Us On Google/Referrals 
Location/Parking Info

Summertime fun

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer!

Ah finally....summer, and what a summer it has been. A bit of rain here, some sunshine there, and a lot to look forward to! Olympics are back for our viewing pleasure and of course all kinds of great summer outdoor activities, catching up with friends, family, coworkers and seeing more and more people out enjoying the dining, shops, and more. However you plan to spend your summer, I hope you all stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy the season. 

I wanted to thank everyone for their continued trust in me, allowing me to help enhance your wellness. 

Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions or comments, 

Go Canada Go! 

And Go Jays!



August 2021 Hours

By appointment only! Please send an email if you would like to book an appointment outside of these available times and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

August 2 CLOSED 
August 18-20 CLOSED 

Monday-Thurs 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

**By appointment only, These hours are subject to changes**
3 Benefits of Masssage Therapy 

Below you will find 3 benefits to massage that you never knew you needed and how they can be so beneficial for any human with a body!

1. Lymphatic massage: your lymphatic system does not have it’s own pump. In order for your body to rid itself of all things lymph-related (toxins, waste products in the muscles etc) you have to incorporate something that gets your blood flow moving. Exercise in an excellent way to get your lymphatic system going. Massage is also an amazing option to help reduce swelling from the lymphatic system! “Hyperemia” is the phrase we use when blood flow circulation creates a flush tint to the skin. It’s during this process of blood circulation that the lymphatic system is stimulated and circulated. Lymphatic drainage massage is a modality in and of itself with focus on specific movements towards and away from the lymph nodes, however any kind of massage is great for the lymphatic system as any kind of massage promotes circulation. 

2. Stress relief: this one seems a bit more straightforward, the exciting part is that stress is stored physically in the body and massage can not only help you relax by taking a moment for yourself to decompress, but working out the knots and the good stuff is actually physically releasing the stress that your body is holding. Emotional release in all forms-such as laughter or a foot wiggle or even getting emotional are all extremely common responses to your body releasing the stress it’s been holding and only add to the physical release of the tension in the muscles the stress has been causing. 

3. Headaches and migraines: there are 26 muscles in the neck. 26! The muscles in the neck are incredible! They do so much more than just turn the head. The neck muscles help swallow, tilt/turn the head, lift the rib cage in inhalation, and so much more. There are several muscles that attach to areas in the head and face that create tension there when tight. A large majority of my clients that experience chronic migraines and headaches have very tense neck muscles. Add to it any kind of trap tension and it’s a recipe for a headache! Working out the tightness in the neck and upper back has incredible lasting effects on headaches both chronic and sporadic.

Take care of yourselves! Whether you’re experiencing stress, headaches, or swelling due to a deficiency in  circulation, massage is an excellent tool for living a happy and healthy life! The benefits are so beyond anything we’ve discussed today; high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, mobility, you name it! There’s a massage for it! 

As always, we hope this helps!  If you have any questions  feel free to reach out!

Book Online Now

Mobile Treatments Delivered to You

As a reminder,  I wanted to let patients know that I do in fact do home visits upon request! Although I do not have a booking feature that allows for online booking for home visits, please do not hesitate to contact me by email for a request. 

Health and Safety measures that are in place for Home Visits:
  • Therapist will arrive with equipment pre-sanitized and wearing fresh clothing and a mask .
  • Therapist will provide all linens, equipment other than pillows.
  • Patients are required to sanitize their hands and also wear a mask for the duration of the treatment.
  • Patients (and household members that may be present) are screened online prior to arrival and again on arrival. 
Inquire About Home Visits

Health and Safety Measures in Place

The Province of Ontario and the Ministry of Health has granted Regulated Health Practitioners permission to gradually and responsibly reopen their practices, following strict health measures and guidelines set out.
Because of the risk factors and how (COVID-19) is transmitted, measures will be put in place to reduce risks as much as possible especially to those most vulnerable.
One of these measures include wearing face masks. The Chief Medical Officer of Canada recommends face masks, and that they do in fact help to reduce the risk of transmission when used correctly.

Procedure/measures that will be implemented in addition to existing cleaning/disinfecting include:

- Pre-Appointment screening (received 24hrs prior to appointment - read and confirm)
- Screening at the appointment prior to treatment
- 15 Minute Gaps between appointments (This will allow for sufficient time for client departure, extra sanitizing measures)
- Personal Protective Equipment - Surgical mask will be worn by the therapist.
- Patients will be asked to wear masks (Please bring your own clean mask - reusable or single use) If you do not have one you will be provided with one at no cost.
- Patients will be asked to arrive on-time (no earlier than 5 minutes prior) and come by yourself for your appointment
- Patient should sanitize or wash hands upon arrival - both options are provided.
- Social Distancing - 6ft (2 metres) in the building, outside of treatment time (During intake, interview, post treatment)
- We will remove all items that cannot be sanitized to further reduce risk of contact transmission.
- FST Straps are now made of vinyl and can be wiped clean after each use.

Review Us On Google/Referrals

We truly value all of our customers/patients that come to us for our therapeutic services.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important, so I'd love to hear your feedback on how you feel about your recent or past service! If you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate a quick Google review.

To submit your review, click the link below and let us know what you think!

Google Review
Like many other professionals, I do rely on referrals from current/former patients to keep growing my practice.  If you are satisfied with your treatment, please feel free to recommend my services to friends, colleagues or family members to my practice. I do appreciate and welcome referrals.

For the month of August, for any Google review submitted or any referral that comes in for a session, treat yourself to a free Normatec Compression Therapy Session! Limited Time only! 
Find Out More


1A Springfield Rd, Ottawa ON (Off Beechwood Rd)
Located inside Rockcliffe Chiropractic  above Mr. Luko . Look for my sign (pictured above) 

There are 3 parking spots at the back of the building which can be used and also spots behind Fraser Cafe. However, if no spots are available there is street parking along Springfield Rd, Beechwood Rd. 
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