Spring 2018 - New Titles from Amber Books
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New titles from Amber Books for spring 2018

Explore the romantic ruins of Ireland, or the ghost towns of middle America... Rediscover the hits of your childhood... Or uncover exactly how the Enigma codebreakers won WWII!

Our new releases cover everything from music to history, and some amazing photography revealing the extraordinary that can be found on our planet. Here are some of the highlights - you can see our entire list of new titles in our online catalogue.

Ghost Towns by Chris McNab, 224pp hb
From a Mediterranean island leper colony to Chernobyl, from America’s Gold Rush settlements to abandoned whaling stations in the South Atlantic and on to thousands of empty apartments in Mongolia, Ghost Towns is a brilliant pictorial work exploring, through 150 striking colour photographs, 100 lost worlds.
The Victorians by John D. Wright, 224pp hb
The Victorian era boasted the grandeur of Empire but it was also a time of great poverty, of British concentration camps in the Boer War, and of boom and bust in the California Gold Rush. The Victorians explores how behind the splendor there lay a world of poverty, disease and hypocrisy.
Bridges by David Ross, 224pp hb
From ancient abandoned aqueducts to today’s feats of engineering, Bridges is a pictorial celebration of 200 suspension bridges, iron bridges and stone bridges; viaducts, flyovers and railway bridges; footbridges and bamboo bridges. Arranged chronologically, the entries, whether famous or little-known, range from China to Japan, India to Iran, Europe to America.
Paris by Alastair Horne, 224pp hb
In 150 striking images, Paris celebrates the French capital, from its world-famous landmarks to scenes of everyday life, beautiful alleyways and corners that might surprise you. Presented in a landscape format and with captions explaining each image, this is a stunning collection of images from the city of light.
100 Best-Selling Albums of the 70s by Hamish Champ, 224pp hb
With album artworks, recording information and background text on the history and significance of each entry, 100 Best-selling Albums of the 70s is an expert celebration of popular music from Let It Be to Rumours, Dark Side of the Moon to Hotel California, Houses of the Holy to Saturday Night Fever.
Celtic Castles by Martin J. Dougherty, 224pp hb
Some of the most romantic castles in the world are found in the British Isles, France and Ireland. Now largely ruined, in their dilapidation these strongholds have gained an air of mystery and beauty. With 150 outstanding colour photographs, Celtic Castles is a brilliant exploration of worlds gone by.
Troy by Ben Hubbard, 224pp hb
Troy tells the story of the Trojan War from its beginning with the sparring of the gods to the love story between Paris and Helen, from the siege to the destruction of the city. Highlighting where sources differ, this is an accessibly written account of one of the classic stories of ancient mythology.
Ireland by Martin J. Dougherty, 224pp hb
Featuring images from both the Republic and Northern Ireland, this book includes 150 outstanding photographs celebrating the island’s most evocative places, whether in nature or man-made, from immense beaches to the Mourne Mountains, from pretty fishing villages in County Cork to Dublin’s elegant Georgian streets.
Lighthouses by David Ross, 224pp hb
Taking examples from all around the world, this book features lighthouses in a variety of weathers – from storms to tranquil waters to those that have become ice palaces. From working lighthouses to eerie, abandoned ones, from remote headlands to estuaries, this celebrates 150 structures and the stunning vistas that surround them.
100 Best-Selling Albums of the 80s by Dan Auty, Chris Barrett, Justin Cawthorne and Pete Dodd, 224pp hb
Combining sales data from both the US and UK, 100 Best-Selling Albums of the 80s is an authoritative chart of the decade that saw both classic work from long-established figures, such as Tina Turner and Paul Simon, as well as the best work from new acts, including Prince, George Michael, Madonna and Tracey Chapman.
Enigma: How Breaking the Code Helped win World War II by Michael Kerrigan, 224pp hb
At its peak, 10,000 people worked at Bletchley Park, reading 4,000 messages a day and decrypting German and Japanese communications. But which Allied victories was Bletchley actually instrumental in? Illustrated with 180 photographs, artworks and maps, this is a fresh look at the Enigma story.
Kings & Queens of the Medieval World by Martin J. Dougherty, 224pp hb
From Charlemagne to Eleanor of Aquitaine to Alexander Nevsky, this book explores the captivating stories of monarchs from the 9th century CE to the Reconquista of Spain in 1492. Arranged thematically from military leaders to law-makers, from religious reformers to patrons of the arts, this is a fascinating, accessible history.
Italy by Claudia Martin, 224pp hb
From Lake Como to Tuscan vineyards, from beautiful beaches to Venice's canals, from the magnificence of classical Rome to Renaissance Florence, there is just so much to feast on in Italy. Featuring 150 outstanding colour photographs and informative captions, Italy is the perfect celebration of this glorious country.
Birds by Per Christiansen, 448pp pb
Over 400 bird species, from the flamingo to the humming bird, and the eagle to the ostrich, with each entry including artworks, a table of information on name, features, habitats, distribution, diet and breeding, location maps and detailed box features.
100 Best-Selling Albums of the 90s by Dan Auty, Chris Barrett, Justin Cawthorne and Pete Dodd, 224pp hb
From Nirvana to U2, Lauryn Hill to Alanis Morissette, each entry in 100 Best-Selling Albums of the 90s is accompanied by its original sleeve artwork and is packed full of facts and figures, along with a commentary on the record’s production history and place in the cultural landscape.
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