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Greetings Saints and Activists,

That’s me fighting off acute bronchitis with dizzy spells, but well enough to let the residents of Columbus over channel 10 in Ohio that Academia thuggery levied against students that don't hold their liberal views will not be tolerated. This miscarriage of judgment was carried out by Deans of the Moritz Law School. LEARN and CBR would like to thank Madison Gessitto for her courage to write about the decimating effects of abortion in the Black Community. Her op-ed published in the Washington Times stirred the "Politically Correct" nest of the Moritz Law School. Students’ objectivity and safety should come first, not ideology and political correctness. 

Once again L.E.A.R.N. (click here to donate) and CBR combined their talents to make a great presentation at Ohio State University in front of the Moritz Law School. The students were warned we were coming and there were those waiting to greet us. To their surprise there were 12 African Americans along with the total crew of 20 people. This often is confusing to many students since they have been always told that pro-lifers are aged old white men who are republican and bigoted towards minorities that need abortion. Our team hardly reflects that narrative and its great, by just standing out front for the sake of the unborn removes the venire of lies by the pro-abortion advocates.

Well, there was a lot of discussion and even the Deans came out seething in silence as they stood and beheld our "All Black Life Matters" display exposing the lie they are telling their students and the lie the Abortion industry is telling the world.

Our protest was just for a day but it will not end here. We want Deans to know across America that the campuses that provide needed degreed education for our children doesn’t mean that they are prisoners of their ideology. Our children's presence on college campuses doesn’t call for the coercion and thug tactics to control the views of the students.

Our campuses should remain the market place of ideas and differences of opinion. There should be honest debate without penalty of censorship or exclusion. These gestapo tactics should be exposed and students who are being denied due to their “conservative views”   should come forward and sound the alarm.

We will be heading to The University of Perdue next month. We would like to stay 3 days on campus. The “All Black Life Matters Project" is desperately needed there and we are looking to take a full team there in April.  Your contribution and consistent help is well appreciated and goes to the problem. Due to our team diversity we see Black, White , Hispanic students deeply engaged with our team members and I can’t think of anything that changes minds more in the public square that our ' All Black Life Matters projects"

We are here to make a difference and that’s what this project is doing. Remember, we have taken back a mantra that George Soro was going to use for political intimidation and begun a conversation that had been so disparately needed in the Black Community. This ironically is a conversation that "Black Life Matters” refuses to have.  I plan to make George Soros wish he had never promoted this mantra or looked twice in its direction.

ALL BLACK LIFE MATTERS (click here to support) needs your support to make that happen. I want to have a lot of fun in this Presidential Election Year!  YOU CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!! Please support. You can give on-line or by mail. Perdue lays in front of us and we want to do a full three days there. Please help us do that.


Thank you in advance in His service,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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