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Dear Fellow Supporters,

The bar has been set very high for our next year’s Say So March. We will have to start getting busy soon to equal all the success of this year’s demonstrations. On the Say So March this year we  protested three Planned Parenthood facilities, a march to City Hall in Philadelphia, worship service in Philadelphia and Prayer service in Maryland, demonstrations at the National Portrait Gallery, another march to the National African American Museum from the Portrait gallery a rally there and back home for most of us to New Jersey. Special thanks to Bill O’Clock and Joyce Tabb for logistics in Washington and Maryland.

Our list of special mention also to our own Minister Billy Dalger for driving the over flow van on the complete outing, the illustrious and dedicated Senior Pastor Hurb Lusk of Exodus Baptist Church who opened his door and pulpit for Sunday Morning worship, The Olney Baptist Church led by Pastor Joseph Randal who's members joined us for the march in Philadelphia and a host of others who cheered, celebrated and stood in support of our project.

I also like to thank each one of you who thought our efforts were worthy of your financial gift and those who truly sacrificed to give to get the word of life out. It was an outstanding event and as stated we will be working hard to eclipse this year’s efforts. Black Genocide is key to exposing the abortion industry and expediting the end of abortion. It is our key to victory in the age of political correctness and the ongoing discussions of the race issue. We can truly use this social climate to open the eyes of the public and neutralize the rhetoric of Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry.

That's Pastor Bruce Rivers giving me some needed back up as we walk down the streets of Washington DC to the African g babies. We are seeing more people take our message and search the information we give them. I thank those who have helped us get better at what we do and reach more people. We are travelling across the nation picking our targets to get the maximum for our efforts. Thank God for your love in supporting children sentenced to die.

That's our National Director Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter, not only having walked with us but now preaching in front of city of Philadelphia. Our efforts always educate people and their interest leads them to go to our website and learn more. The truth is on our side. We welcome debate but most won't accept the challenge and when those that do, they cancel before the event. We are making headway but we can do a lot more with donors who see our vision and witness the results.

Those are African American Students filming our signs and one young lady who had to come over and ask CBR driver and activist Lincoln Turner, sharing incite about our display in front of the African American Museum in Washington DC. If we have the finance we will be posting up there regularly to reach all the students Black And White who will be bussed to the Museum, won't you help us?

That's the Say So March about to arrive at the African American Museum in Washington DC. The CBR truck is pictured behind us in the distance. We were pretty impressive walking down the streets of Washington Dc and all the visitors at first thought we were celebrating the museum, but actually there to question why no mention of eugenics perpetrated against African Americans mentioned in the Museum?

That’s Lorretta Cudjoe in front of the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery Washington, DC. Lorretta Cudjoe lives in Atlanta Georgia and is a member of the NAACP. She courageously fights for the unborn from inside the organization and has led her chapter to write resolutions to have the discussion of the disproportionate rate of abortion in the Black community on the convention floor. We need to keep the pressure on till the NAACP is embarrassed into allowing this discussion and fulfill the dream of Loretta Cudjoe of educating the membership of the NAACP on the issue of abortion. 

Standing in the middle of this tremendous trio is Joyce Tabb, Director of EL Shaddi Care Center, Laurel MD, standing to her left is her daughter and to her right is my wife Regina. Joyce Tabb was a tremendous help to our effort and is our contact for the First Baptist Church Of Glenarden Maryland. We are looking for even more church participation next year as we vow to keep the message of “Black Genocide" on the front burner.

This has been an extraordinary year. We are doing the work that makes a difference. A wall has been toppled and we our running into the public square with our message to the African American community that we should give Trump a chance to make good on his contract and at the same time shift a large percentage of the Black Community to once again recognize their roots and embrace Christian Values. Your donation as you can see goes a long way in impacting the culture and now President Trump is in office we need take swell our grass roots presence in this season of favor. Make sure you are a regular contributor and now we are committed to freeing every child sentenced to die and root out unjust laws. We want a greater presence in the state legislature but that takes consistent funding to keep people weekly confronting legislators and having a rapid response team to protest when necessary. It can be done with your help!.

Always In His Service,

Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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