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Greetings Friends of LEARN,

We are in a season of political as well as social uncertainty as never before. It is so important for the people of faith and principle to be making their opinion known in the public square. It is now while there is still a scant sense of civility and reason left in America. We are so divided! Black and White, red state blue state, Presbyterian catholic, North South, pro-life, pro-choice, pro marriage pro same sex marriage the strife seems unconquerable. Yet, the scriptures say we, the children of the God of that bible are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Isn't it interesting all sides listed above claim the Christ we need to sort through America's deep problems and come to solutions.  Now we see how important John Adams words were when he said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other" No one can contest that the most quoted source of the constitution was the the Bible, the very book we don't allow to be read in our schools. We are in trouble and we need to recognize that prayer and activism are now indefensible in awakening a people in a drunk with the wine of political correctness and perverse ideologies. So in our present state the constitution is inadequate due to the cravings of an increasingly anti-Christian society. Thus it is being twisted or downright ignored by judges and judicial tyranny has become epidemic.

This election proves to be the most bazaar race I have ever witnessed. Yet the choice can never be clearer for the pro-life voter and anyone else who is concerned about elitist that are above the law. I have shared repeatedly you will see an unprecedented number of African Americans vote Republican. The days of allegiance to the first Black President are over and the realization of being "Bamboozled' is setting in. What the Clintons did in Haiti is inherently evil and goes beyond just being corrupt. Haitians Speaking out about Hillary and Clinton Foundation (Click here to view) I believe every African American and all American citizens should hold her accountable for her corruption and destruction of Haiti. 

I am very proud my article posted by Black News had over 2,200 shares. This is a liberal leaning secular news reporting service and is viewed by many African Americans, if you did not get a chance to read please do so and share. Black Lives Matters collaborates with Planned Parenthood the zenith of oxymorons

PLEASE SEND A DONATION for our 3 day crusade in the public square, agenda will be listed by this Friday as permits are being secured. Our days are October 8,9,10 2016.

Your support keeps us in the public square changing hearts and minds and waking up a nation. I was just looking at our data, OUR activism has attracted millions to our social media and web sites and these next months are so crucial. PLEASE help us get there to get the job done. The events listed below are crucial and have great potential to reach many. Your support is desperately appreciated and needed. 

God's Love Is Amazing

September 15 10:05 AM 1430AM Relevant Radio with Mathew Beardsley Pastor Childress discusses presidential election along with Up and coming 20/20 Pro-life Conference in New Jersey 

September 16   7:30 PM 40 Days For Life Bronx Highbridge Community Church 1272 Ogden Ave.  Bronx, NY 10452 keynote Speaker Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr, Metro Clergy For Better Choices & LEARN Life Education And Resource Network 

October 1st 20/20 conference Register Now For This Relevant Pro-Life Conference!

Stephanie Gray Maureen Condic   Rev. Clenard  Tina Whittington       Omar Aguilar

International    PhD Neurologist      Childress, Jr   Students For Life  Latinos por La Vida

Speaker Love Professor University  LEARN            Unleashes Life              Of Utah


*Pre-registration for this event is required by Sept.23, 2016

Event is closed to the press. For more information call 973-497-4500 or visit WWW.BABIESINTHEWOMBFEELPAIN.COM   



October 8 - 10

Plan To Be With Us And Donate To Our Critical Voice In The Public Square Agenda Details To Be Posted August 29th

Itinerary will Post On September 19th 



Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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