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Have you ever witnessed times such as these? Never before is the church more needed. Never a time has there been such confusion. Never more a time for word in due season.

The changing of the guard has resulted in the greatest wave of demonization of a President in our history. It is deceitful and deliberate and no matter where you stood on this you should discern that the methods of the madness are clearly corrupt and "deplorable".

As a pro-life activist I say to you remember, we have been here before, we have had a stated pro-life president, and a republican senate and house who most ran on a pro-life platform and the result was "Nothing". We can't let that happen again, we must step up our game to another level. Pro-Abort Governor Como foresees it right away and his answer is to present legislation that will ensure free abortions and free contraceptives at the taxpayers’ expense. For Governor Como, more people being aborted than born must continue. It’s shameful!

 N.Y. To Expand Access To Free Abortion, Contraception 



We presently are in a time that Denzel Washington can be observed saying "the more information we receive the more we are misinformed." It is clearly the charge of the church to respond and be clear clarion voices of truth and speak that truth in love and conviction. James tells us that “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways". With all the concern with "fake news" we still should be more concerned with" fake preachers". Their goal is to misinform in the name of the Lord, such as the case in the news story below where preachers call murder by dismemberment in the womb "sacred work".

Pastor denounces 'prayers' for Planned Parenthood



Black News refused to print this article on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. They said I was promoting religion. Actually I believe they didn't like the idea I was pointing out racism in the Democratic Party and also my satiric remark about Hillary Clinton. You be the judge and send an e-mail to Black News and tell them what you think. Observations of conservative views are targeted for censorship by liberal media solely to keep African Americans from another perspective of the facts. Please respond to

Dr. Martin Luther King Speaks Prophetically Today of the KKK and Apostate Clergy



The Walk for Life San Francisco is such an invigorating and motivating experience. The fact that it is in San Francisco makes it even more of a challenge and also inviting. Eva Muntean and Dolores Meacham have started a movement in California that will eventually be a trademark for all the faithful pro-life work done in the state and region. It’s always a pleasure to participate and address the crowd. 
Walk For Life West Coast Draws Tens of Thousands Ahead of Women's March



It will be a wonderful thing for you to support our Youth Retreat Training in the Pocono's of Pennsylvania! All donations will go to training young African American youth in defending the unborn and transforming society. Many of you have seen them all ready participate with me and we constantly train and encourage our youth to make a difference. Any size donation is deeply appreciated. For many of these parents they count on our fund raising efforts to make sure their child can participate for an awesome 3 days of impacting ministry!



Thanks So Much!




Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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