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The Say So March 2015 did not garner the media attention as our NAACP event in July but we can say without question it was the most eventful and the discussions with the public were exponential. It was a weekend we tread upon ground we never had gone before!! This is no exaggeration to say the least and as we give the breakdown by event you will see that the pro-life witness was clearly demonstrated in the public square to new audiences’ that were planned and then we lead into the" valley"  that was truly unexpected. 

Saturday October 10/10/ 15 The National Mall - Justice or Else- Nation Of Islam & Louis Farrakhan 

The "All Black Life Matters Project " was across the street at the entrance of the National Mall. This was a very strategic position for our display and there was continual 4 hours of traffic of pedestrians, predominately African American walking by and engaging in riveting discussion. Prior to the event, James O'clock of LEARN Washington DC made repeated trips to the various policing agencies of Washington to secure our permits. I am sure many of them thought he probably worked there! James O'clock played such a vital role in the success we had that weekend.  It was awesome!

Also prior to the event, I did a press release in BlackNews  that was accepted and the last time I looked it has received over 228 shares. In the press release LEARN challenged the Nation Of Islam to lift their voices against Black Genocide as their founders had done in the 70's. Lo and behold, was this by chance, LEARN's provocation or just plain divine intervention that Minister Louis Farrakhan choose to share his testimony on how his mother attempted to abort him by using a hanger three times.

She was desperately attempting to avoid having to explain to her very dark skinned husband that the child that would soon be born probably would have very light skin. So to save herself and the baby the turmoil and pain of certain embarrassment she tried three times to abort him and failed.

She then decided to keep him perceiving that there was something certainly very special about him. I would add that Minister Farrakhan also choose to mention the comments of Ben Carson not affirming or condemning Carson's comments on Sharia law.  

Instead Farrakhan subliminally suggested that Carson's views were accurate by stating in the same context of mentioning Ben Carson's comments, saying, "Jesus never said for us to cut off people’s heads and kill homosexuals."  The minister also claimed the womb to be sacred, and the answers to today's problems would come through the womb" " How do we know if we have not all ready cut off the cure to AIDS and Cancers by aborting the doctor or scientist in the womb that was born to solve that problem?" The words of Minister Farrakhan have been sounded in the Pro-life movement for years.

All while comments like these were being said, All black Life Matters signs were on display and the LEARN team was engaging thousands of African Americans on the issue of abortion! It was great to see young people from our team who were African American engaging people in discussion and passing out flyers with respectful and courteous dialogue even with a few that disagreed... I must say, we were better received by the Nation Of Islam than the AME Church at their last convention in Nashville and The NAACP convention this past July. My wife Regina and sister Cheryl were engaging people with literature even before the signs were up!

 I was honored to be scheduled as a guest on 3 Muslim radio and Internet programs as far south as Atlanta, west as St. Louis and east in New York City. Many of the Imams have heard of the documentary MAAFA 21. The brother in St. Louis said to me," Reverend you have to see MAAFA 21; I have passed out many of them to my friends. It will help you in the work that you are doing!" This has happened to me a many times before but this time it was a Muslim brother telling me that he is getting the message out of Black Genocide and he found MAAFA 21 to be a great help. I usually let them talk about it for awhile before revealing that its me who is giving the statistics of the disproportionate amount of black Children Killed by abortion and the first to point out the self serving flip flop of Jesse Jackson on the issue of Abortion.

Over 2,500 of the special flyers alone were passed out within 4 hours and MAAFA 21 went to those who we could observe who wore the religious garments of a teacher or Imam. Lonnie Poindexter of American Family Radio came out to be with us and take pictures at the bequest of our Say So Evangelist from California, Rev. Bruce Rivers. Pastor Rivers lead a contingent of LEARN evangelist into the National Mall and engaged and passed out literature there. They encouraged many who were in the hub of the festivities to view our display before they left to go home.   We ran out of everything but the signs kept the conversations going till our permit time was up and we packed  up to head home for our trip the next morning to "The Greater Exodus Baptist Church of Philadelphia and Pastor Herb Lusk"

This will prove to be an extraordinary day as once again we will tread on ground we have never gone before! To Be continued Day 2.  In our next      E-Mail update. Please Support we are behind in budget and we need help!  Donate Now

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In His Service,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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