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Greetings Co-Laborers In Christ,

We were mixing it up with the Pro-Abortion Stop Patriarchy "paid" counter protesters. It was a lot of fun and it brings out the best in pure social activist and makes it a very engaging time while sharing the crucial message of life. Oakland California is the home of the "Black Panther Party" who ironically warned the Black community about the systemic plan of Black Genocide in the 60's. Pastor Walter Hoye has obviously begun to stir up the community on the issues of abortion and especially the disproportionate amount African American abortions.

 I can tell you that many of the counter protesters are not ready for the facts that they hear! They often become mesmerized by the speech of the participating preachers and activist. At one point some stood listening and pay no attention to the commands of their pro-abort leaders and had to physically jarred to get their attention to leave when it was obvious we were getting to some!

Social activism is so crucial in this movement and it needs to be supported whenever there are those willing to take this message into the public square. LEARN will be taking the “"ALL Black Life Matters Project" (Click Link)   to Ohio State University. There your support makes this happen. 2016 will be the year of social activism and there will be multiple opportunities to share the message of life as we pick strategic targets that will help us carry the message of life.

The presidential race will provide the fodder and a subjective media can be forced to cover news that is relevant to the community or region it covers. February 21st is our date and we are asking for your support to get us there. There will be projects ongoing and we want to make the greatest effort of our time in challenging the church and society on the abortion issues. You may either mail or give safely on line at our website BlackGenocide (click here to donate now).org mailing address is LEARNNortheast PO BOX 157 Montclair, NJ. 07042.

We are still developing our (Click here to follow link). We are posting articles of interest and news coverage of our events. For those that donate, Learn Northeast mails a quarterly report to your residence and we hope you find these reports helpful in knowing the fruitful social activism LearnNortheast is performing. Our efforts, prayerfully, will cause other Black churches to join us as well as other ethnicities in mobilizing the God ordained charge given to the church to go into the world and bring the message of life. 

I have a great story from the most successful weekend at the Walk For San Francisco ever! I will email you shortly and it will also be mailed to those who have contributed to our mission. I am going to wait till it is posted on (click here). Till then here are some articles of interest. 

This is the story by Live Action on the Protest in Oakland California.  (Click here to read) Pro-lifers meet abortion supporters head-on from coast to coast

Breitbart Reports on The Failure Of Black leadership (Click here to read) The 43rd anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision showcases what is arguably the greatest failure   

Walk For Life San Francisco (Click here to read) Tens of thousands rally at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco  


Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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