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Greetings Friends of Life,

It was quite engaging! The debate brought to the surface many misconceptions and misinformation of the pro-choice students. Some were outright lies! It was all done in decency and order and a lot of friends were made. Dr. King often quoted William Cullen Bryant “Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again" The truth about life and abortion in the Black community has been crushed to earth, but it will rise again. When you can display truth graphically as well as communicate the word of life it is extremely effective and productive. “These signs shall follow them that believe"

Well our Lord and Savior wasn't necessarily talking about our "All Black Life Matters Display" but we will be taking the signs to the University Of Perdue in just a few weeks and we depend on you to be a part of the vision. Many have visited our display from other pro-life groups and assisted us but all can donate (click here), a lack of funds does not become a factor in our vision to impact the nation and save lives.

The African American Community is the key to shifting the culture further towards the culture of life. I have always counted it as the most challenging but certainly the most crucial in winning the war against abortion. It would just take a small percentage of African Americans to stand up against the decimation of our people by the abortion industry.

95% of African Americans voted for the pro-abortion platform of the Democratic Party. With the proper investment of the people of life we can shift 7% to 10% of that 95%. It would change the political landscape in the country forever. “My People Are Destroyed Because of A Lack Of Knowledge". There is no other more applicable application to that verse in Hosea 4:6 that can be made when it is applied to the African American community and abortion. The truth of the matter is that the All black Life Matters project is saving all babies no matter their ethnicity. The key is to begin the discussion and expose the hypocrisy and educate with courage and compassion. Help us get our team of African Americans together with CBR to our God ordained assignments and when revival comes we would have laid the ground work by crying out in the public square against the shedding of innocent blood. Get Ready its coming!

Looking To Save the Children,


Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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