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Rev. Doctor Clenard Childress confronts Senate Health Committee on Planned Parenthood (click here)

That's Rev Dr. Clenard H. Childress Jr of L.E.A.R.N. confronting the Health Committee on the detrimental health ramifications of abortion and the despicable practice of dismembering babies and selling body parts.

Greetings Clergy and Social Activist,

Planned Parenthood was in force at the statehouse last Monday in Trenton New Jersey. The reason for their presence was to testify on the behalf of Bill number S2277. What is bill S2277? It’s a bill sponsored by State Senator Loretta Weinberg that would give Planned Parenthood 7.4 million dollars of tax payer money. When asked by John Tomickie of the League Of American families to appear at the hearing. I determined it was my responsibility and of the utmost urgency to give testimony to oppose the expenditure to such an insidious organization.

It was gut wrenching to sit and hear the inflated testimonies of praise by employees of Planned Parenthood. I personally know of the untold pain they cause unsuspecting women that come into their clinics. I had to wait for my opportunity and it proved to be interesting to hear the doctors testifying on the behalf of Planned Parenthood. Upon my opportunity to address the committee, I was able to challenge the Planned Parenthood staff doctors on the physical ramifications of abortion that women endure.

They had no place to run and there was nothing they could do to but sit in silence and nervousness knowing they could not refute what I stated concerning the physiological damage and health risk of abortion.  I also challenged the committee to create such a forum where there could be open debate on these issues and the public could then hear and then be able to make a wise and an informed choice about an abortion.

The Senate Health committee chair Senator Joseph Vitale became a little perturbed with me when I asked them to veto Planned Parenthood and really look at all the research pertaining to their practices. I was then interrupted and told they do research and have looked at the data. I then replied, I didn't say you didn't do any I was encouraging your staff to look further into the practices of Planned Parenthood. I then asked where you aware of a Congressional Investigation of Planned Parenthood concluded that they sold body parts and that some locations profited up to $100,000 per month? The Senate chair shook his head no. (you can listen to the exchange above on you tube) I would like to say here that to find that the sitting Senate Chairperson over the committee that chose to release the bill for a Senate vote to give Planned Parenthood 7.4 Million dollars doesn’t know of Congressional findings of Planned Parenthood secret body part selling business is quite disturbing. Their ignorance of this only validated my request for them to research more carefully and thoroughly which I now presume they have no interest in doing and only desire to continue following ideology not empirical facts.

Have you donated to LEARN this year? I first like to thank our supporters who for some who monthly "sew a seed for the harvest of babies” We need your assistance and this cause is a priority with God.  There will be a host of dignitaries at this year’s NAACP Convention. We need your help to get there! We must keep the pressure on and right now with a good push we could see the moral conscience shift greatly in the African American community.

African Americans are coming to the reality that 8 years of Obama didn't in any way bring the change they were promised. There will be a percentage of those persons that will consider principles and values over race and political affiliation. That would mean a big change in the political landscape. 

We will be posted up outside for two days and I ask that you would play a much needed role in assisting us to Cincinnati by making a financial offering at this crucial time in our nations journey.

You can mail your offering to LEARN Northeast PO Box 157 Montclair NJ. 07042 or use our link on our web site Please Help Make Our Endeavor A Success. All gifts are tax deduct able.



 In His Service,



Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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