Greeting Friends for Life,

That's LEARN with CBR signs in front of the Supreme Court. We are being called to bring the Law Of Life to the University of Missouri!

We would like to challenge the students to look at the discrimination of children in the womb which a disproportionate amount of them are African American and propose they join us in the pro-life movement in speaking out against babies rights being denied and the racism of Planned Parenthood!

We Need Your help! We don't have the funds as of yet to bring our team there and we want to get there before January while all the attention is on social injustice and the rights of citizens being denied access. CAN YOU HELP NOW? Please go to to give safely on line or mail your donation to PO.Box 157 Montclair, NJ. 07042. Please don't feel your gift won't make a difference. It is a seed sown towards life and God will multiply your gifts results. WE HAD AN OUTSTANDING YEAR!

I would like to end or begin with winning converts in Missouri with our "ALL BLACK LIFE MATTERS PROJECT" It has produced wonderful results. Please read our newsletter on the Black Genocide site and if you would prefer a hard copy to be mailed to you please e-mail me at with your physical mailing address.

Please visit SAYSOMARCH.COM. or for pictures of our last events. I have never had so many people say they will join us next year! What a year to do that! The next month we will be picking a President that will be guiding the nation for the next 4 years. Lord, make your plans to be there now.

Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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