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That’s Pastor Walter Moss from Canton Ohio defending the rights of the unborn as LEARN’s protégé Deacon Tristan Wilkins stands ready for backup.

Greetings Supporters and Friends,

We are heading for Perdue University which probably will be one of our most important GAPS in recent years. It was at Perdue a few months ago where Black Students had a counter protest against Students for Life calling them racist. LEARN and CBR are going in the spirit of reconciliation and education to address all students including the Black Students on the racist practices of Planned Parenthood. If you have not blessed us with a donation this year this would be a great time for you to do that.

I personally like to thank our donors who have thought to support our crucial work. We thank you for being a friend, but we need your support!

I work on the attributes of humility but I must say LEARN and CBR are the only one of its kind in America that can give a diverse presentation of the abortion issue on college campuses.  (I hope this provokes some to jealousy) We are multicultural, a blend of youth and age along with gender. I have found this provides fewer barriers for us by not having to deal with the stereotypes of Pro-lifers being white, republican and more interested in the vote than the baby.

Your gift will go a long way and you can do that online safely at our website or mail to: LEARN Northeast PO BOX 157, Montclair NJ. 07042. Your Gift is Tax deductible and supports the only one of its kind Pro-Life Work in America. I need your help in doing what I do best.

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Rev. Childress letter To Editor in "The Essex Times" Concerning Congressman Donald Payne,  (Click here to read) (go to the current issues tab and scroll to page 22)



Thank You In Advance

Sincerely Yours

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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