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January was truly engaging and highly socially active period for pro-life conscious people.  I had great times of being either in the public square or the pulpit. Whether it was Philadelphia, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco or New York the atmosphere was charged for life and the shift is continuing towards an abortion free America. It was invigorating to have a face to face encounter with counter protestors in Oakland “Stop Patriarchy" a paid hit group by Planned Parenthood was assigned to our peaceful protest and the battle at the OK Corral (civic center Oakland) ensued. It would appear they had it out for me as I was handed the mike to speak  " Ike Clanton" and the rest of the outlaws attempted to" shout us down" I don't think they expected the "Earp’s" to respond the way we did and with amplified sound and a Baptist preacher on the mike, Ike and his boys (stop patriarchy) had to back down. The local sheriffs, Oakland Police, were terrible and grossly unprofessional.

The whole encounter could have been avoided if the officers on duty would have prevented them from intruding into the square for which Walter Hoye "Issues 4 Life" had secured. The same band of outlaws attempted the same thing in San Francisco but the expertise of the San Fran police was far more professional and thwarted their sinister attempts to disrupt the Walk For Life for life san Fran. A special moment I will never forget is when the Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, apostolic nuncio to the United States,  asked to see me personally which after I walked with him and Arch Bishop of San Francisco and I might add champion of marriage Arch Bishop Cordileone.  As president for clergy for better choices which is an information network in the NYC metropolitan area we are partnering with other pro-life groups and like minded clergy to have a greater presence in the Metropolitan area. We will be having a greater profile in the public square this year and I am looking forward to the challenge. If you know Pastors in the Metropolitan area that you could refer our group to please do not hesitate to do so. We are presently on a campaign to see how many churches in the area will commit to present a Pro-life message on Sanctity of Life Sunday. This will prove to be very interesting and we will see the response of the Pastors to this project.

Consistent monthly support is deeply appreciated but one time gifts per year are always a help to reach our goals. I started raising funds too late last year for our Say So March and before that in July we plan to make a visit to the NAACP in Philadelphia which is where I first began our protest against this historic organization due to their open support for abortion.

So that's five months away and I beseech thee now to consider a donation now to Learn Northeast by mail PO BOX 157 Montclair NJ or on our secured website

The word is going out now for our October Say So March From New York to Washington DC  Please reach out to all but especially African Americans to this event to proclaim that "Black Life Matters" starting in the womb.  Once again your donation is tax deductible and could not come at a better time.  America will be asked again to choose a leader and we would like to remind America to this time judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.

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Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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