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Say So March 2015 Day 2

It’s a beautiful morning and we are heading from New Jersey to fellowship with the illustrious Pastor and friend the Rev Dr. Herb Lusk of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church of Philadelphia. Our trip down the turnpike was full of conversation as we headed to the city of brotherly love. Along the way I received a text that I would be preaching the morning message! This was not planned by me but certainly at this point of the journey as well as many previous projects we have endeavored, God's hand has always intervened or interjected his override and I perceived this day would be no different.  

Our time of fellowship with Pastor Herb Lusk, Pastor Bruce Rivers and National Director Of Learn the Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter was precious and affirming. Affirming due to the fact the message I had decided in route was 2 Chronicles 20 where God was assessing the people of Israel and determined that the people had not worshipped the true God of Israel and that there was no teaching priest. Dr. Lusk during our conversation discussed the book (I will soon be reading) “Another Gospel" which was exactly what the Lord had shared on my heart concerning the state of the Church in America and its impudent response to Black Genocide.   

It was also precious to hear Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter share his heart with us and then watch the humility of Dr. Herb Lusk come from his seat and literally lay at the feet of Pastor Hunter. We all by the Lords leading began to pray for the success of our mission. It was a moving experience.  

The worship and praise were exhilarating! We were joined by many other pro-life representatives such as Patrick Stanton of the Pro-life union and Mike McMonacle of the Life Foundation and Michael Ciccicocioppo of the Pro-Life Federation to name a few.  Rev Dr. Johnny Hunter laid the foundation for my message and challenged the listeners to become engaged and recognize the extreme struggle we are warring. Pastor Hunter brought special mention to Exodus Baptist Church to stand behind their Pastor in these perilous times and always give him their unwavering support.  

I never comment on my sermons or messages but I usually leave it in the hands of God and our mutual agreement that he sent me therefore I depend on him to speak through me.  So there would be some critique I will quote my greatest and trusted critic, my wife Regina who commented “Certainly you could see the anointing of God on you today this is where God shows up for you every time when you are called on to speak on the behalf of the children”. 

After worship we gathered outside Greater Exodus Baptist church to process to the Planned Parenthood on Locust Street. It's just under 2 miles so with mega phone supplied by Mike Mc Monacle we headed down and through the heart of Philadelphia. We came with 70, so a little under a hundred people began a march. We had no idea of what we were heading into. This day would prove to be one like none other and we all now have a deeper appreciation of the 23 psalm as never before! 

With loud speaker in hand we sounded the message of Black genocide in the streets of the city. We were carrying 7 of the 12 X 4 foot signs of the All black Life Matters Project. Our destination is 121 Locust Street the home of Planned Parenthood, but getting there will prove to be the most challenging of our pro-life experience. Local Philadelphia Pastor Joseph Randal charted the fastest route and we agreed upon that direction.  

 LEARN had unknowingly charted a course that would lead them into the world’s largest "Coming Out Day" festival in the world! Our processional will lead us right through the middle of the gay and lesbian festivities and many of them were not happy! Without any exaggeration their were times there were so many people who had decided to “come out” we had to stop several times. It was wall to wall people and we were in seemingly the "valley of the shadow of death" and that is without exaggeration also! 

 I will not repeat or recount the profanities heralded at us and the constant jeering and occasional bumping and obstruction of our procession. We have never been here before and I have some young people as well as seasoned adults who were being pressed in on every side, but kept their integrity and composure. Every true Christian in America would have been extremely proud! Their respectful demeanor, despite the harassment and even an occasional beer being poured on them went far above my expectation. 

Today as I can reflect back on our many challenges I would have to say there has never been a time as their Pastor, I was more proud!  Not one physical altercation "no not one".  Even when we were loading our signs on the truck to move on there was one of the crowd who particularly was determined to get a response out of us other than the "God Bless You" and "The Lord Loves You" we were giving.  

His vile obnoxious vitriol did not succeed, it was a true witness and the security guards along with police officers testified to the dignity and restraint in which our team carried themselves. They were outstanding! I might also add if we were white we would have never got out of there! Everyone their wanted to respond, but attacking African Americans carrying "Black Life Matters" signs just wasn't the politically correct thing to do. Of course I give all thanks to God who showed me that on the brink of total chaos confusion and physical danger he can keep us and remarkably he did. 

Remember I said we all now have a special appreciation for the 23 psalm and here is the direct reason why. After the experience I felt so bad for our group to have to experience being harassed and jostled by the gay and lesbian community. In reality this was not what they had signed up for but certainly upon reflection we could see it was on Gods agenda for us to experience. I personally would have never gone down those streets if I was leading the group but the local Pastor was. I would also have to say Jesus was too! 

It would be quite remiss for me not to mention the presence of a absolutely awesome man of God Rev Dr. Bill Devlin the world Evangelist who has been to Syria and Afghanistan carrying the message of salvation, took the time to be present with our march. Pastor Devlan also had words at Exodus Baptist Church before the close of the worship service where he reminded the predominately African American congregation that he was to be considered a brother and has a legacy of ministry in the streets of Philadelphia. Devlan heralded “There is only one race and that is the human race, Up in Here Up in Here".  Exodus and our team loved his Holy Spirit lead Afro-centrism.  

Now, back to the "Coming Out day" when we went through the seemingly " Valley of The Shadow of Death' we were waiting for our bus to pick us up on North Broad St, when Pastor Bill Devlin takes out a bottle of oil and says" the Lord is leading me to anoint you all with oil." Well we have never carried oil let alone have an anointing service on a bus stop in Philadelphia but after what we went through, though surprised, we gladly received his blessing!  

As stated, I was reflecting later on this incident and had come to the realization that God had us go through as a message to us. 1... Despite perversion all around you in society, I can keep you unscathed from the world, you don't have to yield to carnal appetites, you can walk through it. 2... God can protect and keep you in any situation and circumstance where you genuinely are attempting to please him and do his will. 3.. It was to remind us that the path the Shepherd has for us all will at some time lead us through the "Valley of The Shadow of Death" a valley we would never choose to go through but are lead through by the Good Shepherd for His purpose.  

To confirm what  the Lord shared with me, he then reminded me that it was Him that spoke to Pastor Bill Devlin to anoint us with oil as a sign to what he is doing in our lives and will continue to do as he just had demonstrated. Did you catch it yet?

The lord is my shepherd I shall not want, He maketh me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside the still waters, he restores my soul, he leads me in a path of righteousness for his name sake, yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me, thou prepares a table before me in the presence of our enemies thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever! 

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Day 3 of the 2015 Say So March next news letter

In His Service,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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