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Greetings Greetings Co-Laborers In Christ,  

That's part of the team walking down the streets of the city of “Brotherly Love." It’s so important to be in the public square with the Life message. Learn Northeast is not going away till every child has access to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Each month that passes heightens interest in America on the issues that they will be voting on in November. Yes, He or She (did I say she?) that sits in the White House as commander and chief is important, but reaching the people that will decide who sits there is far more important. Marches, radio, Web, TV along with web sites and face book have certainly increased the awareness of the public. Social activism is imperative and African American activism must continue to grow. LEARN Northeast has taken on that task, as well as public awareness heavily and is a ministry that has earned credibility.

The civil rights movement benefited from a surge of activist many which came from college campuses and civic groups. I am still amazed at how impacting our 'ALL BLACK LIFE MATTERS PROJECT" works with the Black as well as the white community. It is amazing the connections we quickly make with the most vehement op-posers!

Please Help Us Get To Columbus! We will be at the Ohio State University Law School to challenge the Black Law Students and Deans to recant their opposition to free journalism and cease from attempting to censor conservative opinions that oppose their liberal ideology. (Click here to donate now to L.E.A.R.N.)

We will be traveling in a couple of weekends from now and preparation is not complete. Your timely donation towards this project ensures our success and prepares us to start planning others during this critical year. Reaching the critical mass is always a daunting task but LEARN Northeast has met the challenge. Your Donation goes a long way and supply's a resource to African America activist that are willing to expose the false narrative of "Black Life Matters" and begin a real conversation on the hypocrisy of Black Leadership and the truth about abortion.

Black pastors pray over ‘president-to-be’ Clinton right before she condemns pro-life bill          

Please Click On The Above Link: This reminds me of 2008 All Over Again!!!  Can you believe this?

Thank You In Advance,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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