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 Say So March 2015 Day 3 

The prior evening we all sat at the table to have our evening fellowship supper at the Home Town Buffet just outside of Washington DC. We all had stories to share from our past events that weekend but we had to remind ourselves its not over, one more day to go! Perhaps it was probably more me than the rest of our travelers that had to be reminded of that because after Sunday, I was ready to go home Monday AM.  

We loaded the bus and vans and made are way to our staging point then began our March to the Supreme Court.  Debbie Bays, the driver for CBR Maryland has been an outstanding co-laborer. Debbie drives the "Choice Truck" circling our displays on streets near our location. Debbie’s timely assistance contributes greatly to our project's success. Debbie was on assignment with us at Fayetteville, North Carolina and we are proving that collaboration with cooperation not only saves money, but makes us exponentially stronger.  

It’s a beautiful day for the March and we arrived on time and we were able to greet many of the visitors at the Supreme Court with the reality of just under 4,000 babies killed each day by abortion. There were far more schools and tour groups visiting than previous Say So Marches.  I personally was engaged earnestly by two Chinese Students who wanted to carry the message of abortion more earnestly in China. I asked, "wouldn't you fear being arrested?" The two Chinese students’ said." you have to determine the rules of engagement and stretch the boundaries as much as you can without inciting the government." I gave them our website addresses and they moved on. 

Oddly enough with all the students and tourist that passed by us for roughly two hours there were far more nods of approval and for some astonishment. It is typical for many to believe that African Americans are for and not against abortion. So our protest is confusing to them. "You are here against abortion, is that right?" one passerby asked, I said yes, politely but with a demeanor of “isn’t that obvious?" 

 The narrative in the minds of many planted by mainstream media is that African Americans are supporting Abortion rights, when the true story is that they support the Democratic Party and thus are constrained to be silent on the issue of abortion.  

African American silence has resulted in a generation that was deceived about abortion and Planned Parenthood. They are now waking up and it will determine the destiny of the Democratic Party platform and the party's influence in the Black Community. 

Pastor Hunter preached a message in front of the Supreme Court reminding our team and passersby of the religious symbols and the words of scripture that were prominent in the construction of the Supreme Court. Presently there is an on going effort to remove the "old landmarks" of our faith and it is up to the faithful not to let that happen! 

We load our buses again for our last stop, the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery where the bust of Margaret Sanger is. In this age of political correctness it shows you how deep the roots of racism are when the Smithsonian Museum can honor and protect the image of one of the most devout racist of our times. We all need to see how egregious this is. It should also be observed that it is only the pro-life community that's demanding its removal. 

We utilized five of the 12 x 4 foot signs and 20 of the hand held graphic signs in front and across the street of the portrait gallery. It was obvious that museum security had not been given the word of our coming. Security came out enforce to question us but due to (presently) the First Amendment rights of American citizens there was not anything they could do legally to remove us. When moving us was not an option, the predominately African American security team asked the question, “Why are you here?" I would have ducked for them but it was too late! Pastor Bruce Rivers and Johnny Hunter gave them an ear full of the racist background of Margaret Sanger and how it is so disgraceful that you would honor her in the Smithsonian and then put her bust in between Martin Luther and Rosa Parks!  

All of you reading this do you think that was not by design??? The security guards began to apologize but then pleaded, "that has nothing to do with us we didn't make that decision."  We were trying our best to be respectful and they treated us with respect but their logic was very jaded. The guards concluded since we did not make that decision why should you make our jobs more difficult. This is typical of the culture today, always choose the least path of resistance and refuse to take the road least traveled. I finally told the most boisterous security guard," We are not blaming you, so you should not have any objection with us." “Please let these tax payers who pay your salary, voices be heard and our civil right to protest be unimpeded."   

Once again their was considerable traffic and busses passing us by with our "Black Life Matters" signs front and center. Gods timing is awesome! We picked the time an estimated 40 male students from Howard University showed up! What an opportunity for dialogue. 

Minister Billy Dalger and his wife Tami, Rev Hunter and his wife, I and my wife Regina and Pastor Bruce Rivers ceased the moment and sewed precious seed. 

All of our students went on tour of the portrait gallery in shifts that our positions would not be compromised.  Towards the end Lauren Handy the DC area coordinator for the "Anti Choice Project" joined us and reunited us with our MAAFA21 poster. We all posed behind it and it was again a reminder to what we all can do being on the same page and honoring our different gifting.  We are the body of Christ!

We had prayer and boarded the buses back to New Jersey. Funds were low and with our large contingency of youth, stopping for an evening meal would be a challenge. Pastor Johnny and Pat sowed an emergency seed not upon request but from possibly hearing some growling stomachs. We took the chance but even with their unsolicited gift it would be close. We pulled up to the rest stop and began to ration out meal assignments when a quarter of the way through my wife runs in and lets me know that the Bus driver came in and brought fried chicken and fries for most of the bus!  Whether he was stereotyping or not it was a welcome blessing that was just another small miracle of our heavenly Father.  

In all my 41 years of Church and secular bus rides the driver always had his hand out and NEVER brought anything for anybody. Our God choose the best time to give us a driver who had a heart for the young people and demonstrated it with his gift. It was a glorious weekend! 

Could you express your love and desire to end abortion by supporting our ongoing crusade against abortion, Planned Parenthood and everything that would prevent a Childs right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Donate Now



In His Service,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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