Green Coffee         february  2017
Thank you to everyone who came along to February Green Coffee. We welcomed Luke to his first Green Coffee. He's looking for volunteering opportunities - please see BELOW how to contact Luke.

Now that the year is well underway, there are lots of great projects and important issues to report on. We heard about progress on recycling, air quality, Wimbledon town centre; reports on films, wassailing and citizen action; and opportunities to go tree planting, litter picking and to petition. And we've just received details of the Colliers Wood Festival of Health & Wellbeing throughout March - see HERE

Some Green Coffee members said they'd like to see Green Drinks started again. So that we can assess demand, please do let us know if you are interested in going to a revived Green Drinks, by return email.

Next Green Coffee will be on Tues 7th March 2017 from 9.30 to 11am at the Wibbas Down Inn. The meeting after that will be on Tues 4th April.

PLEASE NOTE: The Green Coffee Update covers whatever views are expressed by individuals at the meeting. Indeed, Green Coffee members often have different views on topics. The newsletter does not verify information or web links, so it's up to you to challenge views or correct information - and if you can't make it along, you are very welcome to send in your comments for discussion at the next meeting.
Download the latest from: 
Sustainable Merton HERE
EcoLocal (Sutton) HERE
SWLEN (Richmond) HERE
Sutton Community Farm HERE

Consultations & Petitions:
Heathrow (ends 25th May 2017) HERE
20's Plenty in Wimbledon Village HERE
Green Investment Bank Sell Off HERE


news at February Green Coffee

Green Networking
1. Well Done Green Coffee
2. Reviving Green Drinks

Recycling & Waste
3. Recycling - electrical equipment & print cartridges

4. Good News on Recycling Food Packaging
5. Upcycling - boots, drink cans, keys, bottle tops & candles

Green Spaces Update
6. Winter Tree Planting

7. Any Neglected Street Planters?
8. NEW CONTACTS: Parks & Open Spaces
9. Wassailing at Mitcham Orchard
10. A Sight to Behold

Transport & Air Quality
11. Floating Car Club
12. Air Quality Monitor at Plough Lane is Back

13. SM focuses on Air Quality
14. PETITION: 20's Plenty in Wimbledon Village

Built Environment
15. 'WELL Building' Standard
16. MEETING REPORT: Wimbledon Town Centre Masterplan

Films & Books
17. FILM: Demain
18. SHORT FILM:  Earth Circle
19. SHORT FILM: Merton Priory
20. BOOK: Climate Change

Other Things Local
21. Congratulations Auriel
22. Best Wishes to new chair of Merton Chamber of Commerce
23. A Reward for Volunteers
24. Wandle Valley - Get Active & Sustainable Drainage Projects

25. Citizens' UK - Merton branch?
26. Community Champions Manager Appointed
27. Sustainable Merton AGM
28. EXHIBITION: The Challenging Road to Peace
29. New Member looking for Volunteering Opportunities
30. Asbestos in Merton School

news from elsewhere
31. CAMPAIGN: Support a Global Nuclear Ban
32. Selling off the Green Investment Bank
33. A Green Getaway for the Over 50s

20.2  7 - 9pm
Wim Town Centre
Wim Library

21.2  10am - 1pm
Tree Planting
Raynes Park

25.2  & 26.2 
Tree Planting
Wimbledon Park

26.2 11am - 1pm
Litter Pick
Wandle Park

Festival of Health
Colliers Wood

3.3 - 5.3
Spring Clean

5.3 10am - 12 noon
Mammal Tracking
Wim Common

7.3 - 9.3

18.3 10.30am - 3pm
Walking Summit
Central London

22.3 from 7.15pm
Wim Comm Forum
Mansel Rd Centre SW19

Find past issues of Green Coffee Update HERE

February Green Coffee - news

Green Networking

1. Well Done Green Coffee
Green Coffee member Debbie wrote to the group to thank them for the information contained in the Green Coffee newsletter. She said that there is "So much useful information - I have no idea how I would find out about these things without it. I know it takes a lot of work so just wanted to express my appreciation to you and all the Green Coffee Team."

2. Reviving Green Drinks
Some people have asked for Green Drinks to start again! So let's see if we can make this happen!

Green Drinks would take place on one evening a month in The Sultan Pub (Norman Rd, between Wimbledon and Colliers Wood). At Green Coffee, Carole, Alyson, Lesley, Auriel, Tom, Joyce, Mary and Christine all said they wanted to see Green Drinks start up again. Do let us know by return email if you would like to go to a revived Green Drinks. Please note, by expressing an interest, you are not making a commitment to be at any particular meet up - just to receive emails about a meeting.

For Green Drinks to go ahead, someone needs to be there to meet and chat to others who come along. This does not have to be one person! So that we can identify who can (on occasion) be the person there to greet people, attendees will be asked who can be the meeter and greeter at the next meet up. The meeting day could even be varied to suit.

POST MEETING NOTE: Alyson has contacted The Sultan and they are happy to host Green Drinks.

Recycling & Waste

3. Recycling - electrical equipment & print cartridges
Alice noticed that people often ask what they can do with electrical equipment - so we asked the Green Coffee group. They suggested the following:
  • Curry’s takes electrical equipment for recycling - and it was thought you don’t have to have bought it there.
  • Artistic use for copper wire. Squirrels would be the obvious ‘middle man’ for this, but they are moving right now, so don’t want to accept anything at present. See HERE
  • Garth Rd accepts electrical equipment.
Liz contacted Green Coffee to tell us that PC World, Colliers Wood, accepts printer cartridges (at least Samsung's). We also heard that Curry's in Wimbledon Town Centre do so too.

4. Good News on Recycling Food Packaging
M & S and Unilever recently announced they are planning to make plastic waste more recyclable by redesigning their food packaging. M & S says it plans to develop one recyclable, plastic polymer for use across all its plastic packaging. See HERE

New studies have indicated that crinkly plastic (plastic fused with aluminium) can be recycled more easily than was thought and it could pay for itself. 80% of crinkly plastic is polyethylene or polypropylene - and it should be possible to redesign the remaining 20% to use recyclable plastics. See HERE.

Following last Green Coffee, we heard how 'Bread wrapping, toilet paper wrapping and plastic magazine wrapping; in fact any plastic that is stretchy can be recycled at supermarkets' according to "The Rubbish Diet" website See HERE.

5. Upcycling - boots, drink cans, keys, bottle tops & candles
On Streetlife, Samuel in Earlsfield has asked people to drop off items, which will be used in an Upcycling Workshop over half term. Find more information HERE

Green Spaces Update

6. Winter Tree Planting
Come and join the Tree Wardens and other groups, get some exercise and plant some trees. Jane Plant has sent through the dates for planting at Haydons Rd Station, Wimbledon Common, Canons Leisure Centre, Raynes Park Sports Ground and Wimbledon Park - see below under EVENTS. All help would be appreciated. So that she can make sure there is enough equipment, please do let Jane know if you are planning to come, by emailing Or phone 07773 406 105.

7. Any Neglected Street Planters?
Last year, Liz put bulbs and plants into a horse trough outside of St Lawrence Church, London Rd, Morden - and these created a lovely display in the spring, although more watering would have helped the summer planting. Please do let us know if you spot other neglected street planters - and we can see if anyone can be persuaded to adopt them.

8. NEW CONTACTS: Parks & Open Spaces
Management of Merton's parks and open spaces has been outsourced to idverde (we think it's pronounced eye-dee-ver-day). It started operation on 1st of February. If you need to contact anyone about ground maintenance, allotments or cemetries, a new list of contacts has been issued. See the letter from the council HERE

9. Wassailing at Mitcham Orchard
On Sat 28th January, over 250 people came along to Merton's first Wassailing event - at least in recent centuries. Wassailers 'wake up' the trees from their winter hibernation with a ceremony led by the Wassail King and Queen along with Morris dancers, folk musicians, a barbeque, dancing, bonfires and lots more. See the Wiimbledon Guardian article HERE

10. A Sight to Behold
Christine brought our attention to a photograph by local naturalist Tony Drakeford of little birds roosting on a tree just outside of Tesco's at Centre Court - see it HERE. There was discussion about whether these birds were pied wagtails or long tailed tits.

Transport & Air Quality

11. Floating Car Club
Merton Council is considering 'Floating Car Clubs' by DriveNow and Zip Car. Under these schemes, members of the car club borrow a car and then leave it in any parking space in the district, as long as it is not designated for a purpose such as 'disabled only' or 'pay & display only' (the council can decide which parking spaces are excluded.) Some of the cars will be electric or hybrid. See more information on page 91 HERE

12. The Air Quality Monitor at Plough Lane is Back
The Haydons Road North Community website reports that th
e NO2 monitor has been reinstated in the north end of Plough Lane. Thanks to Alan and Cathie for this news. A statement from the council suggests that air quality monitoring will be made more of a priority in future - see HERE.

13. SM focuses on Air Quality
Sustainable Merton will be producing an update on air quality in its monthly newsletter - sign up to receive this HERE. Air Quality has become a major issue and SM's Tom Walsh recently attended a seminar about how NICE (the government body providing national guidance on healthcare delivery) plans to address this issue. It is now recognised that London's poor air quality is causing thousands of early deaths (estimated 9,000 in London), asthma and other resipiratory diseases and damage to lung development in young people, even the unborn (which will have a lifelong impact on health.) By providing information, people can avoid the most polluted areas and be encouraged to push for better quality air in Merton.

SM was asked to produce a one page summary explaining why air quality is an issue and where the pollution hotspots are. If this were put on the facebook SW19 webpage, then this could have a big impact.

14. PETITION: 20's Plenty in Wimbledon Village
Wimbledon Village Business Association has set up a petition to ask Stephen Alambritis for 20mph across roads shared by cyclists, horse riders and motorists. They want to create a more pleasant walking, cycling and riding environment. And why not - it's good for business! You can sign it HERE

Built Environment

15. 'WELL Building' Standard
The BREEAM building standard provides a measure for how sustainable a building is and many organisations now aspire to receive BREEAM certification for their buildings. The 'WELL Building' standard measures how healthy a building is for the people who work there. It provides standards for the quality of air, water use, healthy eating, light, fitness, comfort and emotional wellbeing.

By encouraging developers to aspire to these standards, the health and happiness of workers will be improved. As mentioned in previous Green Coffees, by removing particulates and nitrates from the air coming in, the air expelled from buildings is cleaner and can improve the air quality at street level. Find out more about the 'WELL Building' standard HERE. Also, hear the talk from Aecom about how "Toxic workplaces Threaten Wellbeing" at the ECOBUILD Conference 7th - 9th March. See HERE

16. MEETING REPORT: Wimbledon Town Centre Masterplan
The first workshop to find out what people would like to see in a new Wimbledon Town Centre was held at Wimbledon Library on 18th January, organised by Merton Council's Future Wimbledon. Participants were asked to identify 4 buildings/public spaces in Wimbledon that they liked, 4 they disliked and 4 inspirational sites from elsewhere. People then worked in groups to identify what developments they would like to see and which areas of Wimbledon should be focussed on. Since the meeting, WEHRA has published their big ideas on Transport, Heritage, Culture, Commercial Mix and Greening the Town Centre. See them HERE

The following timetable was outlined for Town Centre consultations:
  • The next Wimbledon Town Centre workshop will be on 20th Feb - see EVENTS below. If there is enough demand, a further workshop will be held in March.
  • Future Wimbledon will collate data and report to the March Wimbledon Community Forum meeting on Wednesday 22nd March - see details below under EVENTS.
  • Future Wimbledon will draw up a masterplan including ideas which are possible under the policy framework.
  • In April, TfL is expected to put forward its new plan for Crossrail 2, following widespread rejection of the Wimbledon proposals in 2016. This will be followed by a public consultation after easter.
  • In late summer/autumn 2017, Future Wimbledon will publish its draft masterplan for Wimbledon town centre, followed by a public consultation.

Films & Books

17. FILM: Demain
It is reported that this film has had a phenomenal response in France, Belgium and 30 other countries. The Transition Network has the rights to it in this country. If you would like to show it, see HERE

18. SHORT FILM:  Earth Circle
This 14 minute film documents how by working together, waste materials can be re-used and recycled to bring an income. This is the circular economy. See HERE

19. SHORT FILM: Merton Priory
See this 10 minute film about what lies under a dual carriageway in South Wimbledon. This was once the site of England's most important church and where England's only pope was located. It's good to see that Merton Priory now has funding to open an education and information centre on the site of the Chapter House. Work is expected to commence work shortly. See it HERE

20. BOOK: Climate Change
Written by Prince Charles, Tony Juniper and Emily Shuckburgh, this short Ladybird book gives a very clear explanation of the issues - and is highly recommended by Juliet. See The Guardian article HERE

Other Things Local

21. Congratulations Auriel
Auriel comprehensively demonstrated the power of the image, when she was featured in The Times and other major newspapers wearing her 'Statue of Taking Liberties' outfit. This was taken when she took part of the Women's March in London, following the inauguration of Donald Trump. See the wonderful photo HERE. Auriel's photo was featured on BBC breakfast news. The Statue of Taking Liberties will make another appearance outside the Houses of Parliament on Monday 20th Feb.

22. New chair of Merton Chamber of Commerce
Green Coffee has congratulated Victoria Nicol, who became the new chair of Merton Chamber of Commerce. Victoria is well known in Wimbledon, having set up the Windmill Market (at St Marks's Church), Mums on the Go and more recently the property agency Red Brick Creative. She has been on the board of MCC since 2013. See the article on the WimbledonSW19 website HERE.

23. A Reward for Volunteers
If you or someone you know has completed over 100 hours of volunteering in the last 12 months, they can receive a ValueYou discount card for use in over 25 local small businesses in Merton. Find out more HERE.

24. Wandle Valley - Get Active & Sustainable Drainage Projects
The Wandle Valley group is keen to encourage people to get active  by promoting activities such as Cycling, Leisure, Fishing, Heritage & Culture, Walks and Wildlife & Natural Environment. So if you have such a project, then why contact them. See HERE

The Wandle Rain Gardens project is helping people to instal landscapes that will soak up rainwater, rather than run letting it run straight into drains, contributing to flooding. Sustainable Drainage features include green roofs, rain gardens, installing water butts and replacing concrete and tarmac with permeable surfaces. To find out more, email or tel. Joanna on 020 7252 9186.

25. Citizens' UK - a Merton branch?
Mary and Juliet attended a Citizen's UK conference recently, where they discussed plans to open a Merton branch.

A Merton branch would aim to empower local people to negotiate issues that are of concern. The plan is to employ a local organiser to work two days a week for a year (initially). By the end of the meeting, they had secured £14,500 of funding towards this - and Holy Trinity Church has since then pledged further funds. If a Merton branch is formed, it would be part of the South London Chapter - see HERE. It would campaign on local issues that are not being addressed.

Citizens UK was founded in 1996, with the aim to unite faith groups (churches, mosques and synagogues), educational groups (schools, universities), unions, voluntary groups and residents' associations. The aim is to create a powerful voice for civil society, which can hold politicians and other decision-makers to account on matters relating to social justice and the common good. Training is provided to help people campaign effectively.

An example of a success was when a schoolboy near the Olympic Park wanted to ensure local benefits after the Games. After receiving Leadership Training, he canvassed local people and went on to negotiate with Seb Coe on an Olympic legacy which included affordable homes, jobs and the establishment of a Sports Centre at the University of East London. Citizens' UK has also successfully campaigned on the living wage and refugee children being held in detention centres. Find out more HERE

26. Community Champions Manager Appointed
Tom W announced that Sustainable Merton has appointed Sandy McClure as the new part-time manager for its Community Champions programme. Reaching the right people has been identified as a major challenge for organisations providing environmental services to local communities and SM's Community Champions will be able to provide this link. You can contact Sandy at Local people will be trained to provide information and advice on environmental issues to their community.

27. Sustainable Merton AGM
POST MEETING NOTE: The evening started with official AGM business - very briefly covered - followed by a focus on volunteering, retrofitting homes, Community Champions and some good news stories.
  • Volunteering - Juliet, Pete, Joyce and Amy gave their personal experiences of volunteering and what it has meant for them.
  • Retrofitting - Russell Smith outlined a project to retrofit 400,000 homes in South London - in Merton, Croydon, Sutton and Kingston - to make them highly energy efficient. This would involve 80 or so (mainly small) businesses cooperating to deliver a service. Working in such a cooperative can help to iron out problems like getting low cost financing, training fitters and complying with certification. See a similar Retrofit project in North London HERE. Watch out for updates on this exciting project. Find out more about Retrofit HERE
  • Community Champions - the newly appointed project manager (Sandy) was introduced.
  • Good News - following a lot of negative news on the environment in recent months, it's good to remind ourselves that great progress is being made, indeed to the extent that momentum towards a more sustainable world is now considered by many to be unstoppable. Audience member Richard added evidence that over the last year, there were times when renewables supplied all our electricity needs in the UK. See the slide presentation showing impressive projects from around the world HERE.

28. EXHIBITION: The Challenging Road to Peace
See this fascinating perspective on the reasons for World War I and those who spoke out against it, from now to the 18th March at Merton Civic Centre, in the second floor Library Heritage Centre. It's hoped to put leaflets about this is secondary schools around Merton. If you have links to schools and can help with this, please contact Joanna at

29. New Member looking for Volunteering Opportunities
Luke was welcomed to his first Green Coffee meeting. He has been active in Friends of the Earth and is looking for volunteering opportunities. So if you have a project you need help with, then please contact Luke at

30. Asbestos in Merton School
The Wimbledon Guardian reported recently that Merton Council had accepted liability for the death of Kath Bennett in 2015. When working as a teacher around thirty years ago, Kath was exposed to asbestos and unfortunately contracted lung cancer. Kath was very active in the community, chairing Friends of Cannon Hill Common, supporting Abundance Wimbledon and she was a member of Green Coffee and Green Churches. See the article HERE.

News from Elsewhere

31. CAMPAIGN: Support a Global Nuclear Ban
The UN is holding the first conference to discuss a global nuclear ban at the end of March, with the prospect for a second conference in July when there will be a vote. Unfortunately, the UK government has decided not to participate. You can help, by putting leaflets in key places - email Joanna at to get some. Or ask the government to act by contacting Boris Johnson HERE or local MP Stephen Hammond.

32. Selling off the Green Investment Bank
Some Green Coffee members expressed dismay at the government's plan to sell off the Green Investment Bank. According to Greenpeace, the plan is to sell it to Macquarie Group, which "supports fracking and coal and focuses on short-term profit". To find out more about this campaign HERE. Find the petition HERE.

33. A Green Getaway for the Over 50s
You may have thought that youth hostelling would be for, well, youths. But you'd be wrong! Carole has discovered youth hostelling for the over 50s to be a very positive experience and very green. To find out more, see HERE.


Wed 20th Feb 7 - 9pm
WORKSHOP: Wimbledon Town Centre Masterplan Workshop
The Arts Space, Wimbledon Library

Following a well attended meeting in January, Future Wimbledon is holding a second workshop to find out your views on what a new Wimbledon town centre should look like. It's really important that your ideas are inputted at this stage. Space is limited, so you should register HERE if you'd like to go.

Tue 21st Feb 10-1pm

Tree Planting
Raynes Park Sports Ground, Taunton Ave, Raynes Park
Join Merton Tree Wardens and others to fill in the gaps. Meeting near the fenced courts next to the railway. Find out more from Jane at
Sat 25th Feb & Sun 26th Feb, 10-1pm

Tree Planting
Wimbledon Park
Join Merton Tree Wardens and Friends of Wimbledon Park to plant new areas of Wimbledon Park. Meeting at car park (off Wimbledon Park Rd), access from Wimbledon Park Rd or Revelstoke Rd. Find out more from Jane at

26th Feb  11am-1pm
LITTER PICK - Wandle Park
Meet at Colliers Wood tube at 11am, or catch up with the pick in Wandle Park
Come along and help clean up this lovely area - and recycle! This monthly outing is organised by Merton Green Party. Please contact Tom Killick on 07821 882380 or for more details.


Festival of Health & Wellbeing
all over Colliers Wood

The programme is full of fun and health-giving activities throughout March. So have a look HERE

Fri 3rd to Sun 5th March
Great British Spring Clean
You are invited to come and pick up litter in an area near you as part of a big national clean up. Organised by Sustainable Merton and Merton Council. Find out where and when HERE

Sun 5th March
Mammal Tracking
Wimbledon Common
Part of the Wimbledon Common Nature Club. See REGULAR EVENTS below.

Tues 7th to Thurs 9th March
Find out the latest on building sustainably. Exhibition plus a myriad of talks. You need to register if you want to go. Find out more HERE

Sat 18th March  10.30am - 3pm
Living Streets’ Walking Summit
Hosted by Bloomberg at their offices in Finsbury Square
Join thought-leaders, international city representatives and UK decision-makers to discuss how we can make our cities world-leading walking cities. Val Shawcross, the Deputy Mayor for London for Transport, is a confirmed speaker. The Living Streets Annual General Meeting will take place at the end of the event (attendance optional). Book your place HERE

Wed 22 March  from 7.15pm
Wimbledon Community Forum

The Mansel Road Centre, Trinity United Reformed Church SW19 4AA
Hear an update of ideas for Wimbledon Town Centre from Merton Council's Future Merton team. Also presentations on other council programmes. It's your chance to ask questions and report issues! Find out more  about this and community forums in other parts of the borough HERE

Sat 25th March at 8.30pm

Earth Hour
The world's largest demonstration of support for action on climate change. This year, Big Ben, the London Eye, Holyrood Palace and Windsor Castle will join millions of people to switch off their lights at 8.30pm for one hour.

Sat 22nd April  1-4pm

TOOTING: Restart Party
After a great year of working in partnership with the generosity geniuses of Restart we are please to offer some more dates for you diaries. Also Restart events on Wed 19th July, 7-9.30pm  & Sat 21st Oct,1-4pm Venues will be announced shortly. Find out more about Restart HERE

Sat 22nd April
Big Dig
various locations
Community gardens are encouraged to open up to the public on this day and get more volunteers. Bu joining this national event, you'll get free publicity for your garden.

Wed 10th May date   from 7.15pm
Have your say on public transport
Council Chamber, Merton Civic Centre, Morden SM4 5DX
Everyone is encouraged to meet the people providing public transport in Merton and to ask questions. The forum covers topics such as improvements to bus, train, tram and underground services, and to infrastructure, particularly rail stations, and bus operational issues including accessibility issues. Find out more HERE

Sat 13th May from 9am
Car Boot Sale
St Mary's Field, outside of St Mary's Church, Wimbledon Village SW19 7BP
Why not have a clear out, put everything you don't want in the car and sell it! This is the annual fund raiser for Christian Aid. If you are selling, you’ll have to be in place before it all starts (entry from 7.30am, cars £10, vans £15). Entry before 9am is £2 and after 9am is 50p. Expect an amazing range of household goods, books, CDs, plants, clothes, jewellery at a bargain price. For more information, contact Juliet at

Sat 13th May  2 - 5pm

Fête of the Earth
St Marks Church, Wimbledon (behind the library)
Annual sale of plants and recyclable items.  Donations of seedlings, plants, books and bric-à-brac all gratefully received. This is the big annual fund-raiser and social event for WDC-CND. Entry is only 50p.
Green Coffee members are welcome to have a stall, if you can bring your own table. If fund-raising, then a donation to Fete of the Earth is requested. To find out more, or if you'd like to help, please get in touch with Joanna at

Sat 10th June 12pm - 5pm
Mitcham Carnival
Three King's Piece, Commonside West, Mitcham
More than 100 charity and trade stalls, dog show, fun fair, stage events. Bookings are now being taken for stalls. See HERE

Sun 16th July
Morden Family Fun Day

Action packed day for all the family, raising money for local charities and organisations. Find out more HERE

Regular Events   

first Mondays  7.30pm
Wimbledon Beekeepers' Association
The Snuff Mill, Morden Hall Park, Morden Hall Road, Morden SM4 5JD
The Wimbledon Division of the Surrey Beekeepers' Association is an organisation of Beekeepers, who operate in the London Borough of Merton and its surrounding areas.  Each year, they organise beginners’ courses and a variety of educational and social events for members.

fortnightly Tuesdays on Wim Common - other dates elsewhere
various locations
Get fit and be sociable.
Regular Walk4Life organised walks around Merton. Find out the dates and locations of Walk4Life walks HERE.

on hold at present!
Green Drinks
Please do get in touch if you'd like to see Green Drinks start up again! Just reply to this email.

every Wednesday morning 10am - early afternoon
Phipp’s Bridge Community Allotment
Join Gillian and her friendly group to grow fruit and vegetables. Disused land has been turned into a productive garden through people working together. You are welcome to join in, regardless of your gardening expertise - and you'll have the opportunity to take home some lovely fresh produce. If you would like to come and have a look or get involved, then please contact  Gillian at Find out more HERE

every Wednesday at 10.30 am

Merton Green Parents
Coffee in the Wood, 99 High Street, Colliers Wood
How do you balance the demands of being a parent and leading a more sustainable life? It can sometimes be difficult. Merton Green Parents provides a place to swap sustainable parenting tips and meet other like-minded parents. To join the group and for information about meet up times, visit the Merton Green Parents Facebook page  or follow them on twitter @MGreenParents.

first Thursday of the month at 8.00pm
Merton Cycling Campaign meeting
All Saints Centre, All Saints Road, SW19 1BX
Meet other cyclists, find out about rides and other events and the latest on campaigns. No meeting in August. Please contact Charles, Borough Coordinator Merton Cycling Campaign tel. 8949 0708 or email  or see website HERE for more details.

third Thursdays   from 7pm

Morden Hall Park Nature Group
Snuff Mill Education Centre, Morden Hall Park
Find out more about the animals, vegetables and minerals found in Morden Hall Park. Or else share your knowledge with other like-minded people? The meeting is open to anyone interested in the work of the Nature Group. Find out more HERE or email

every Friday 10-12am
Colliers Wood Community Garden
at the back of Christ Church Hall, in Colliers Wood SW19 2NY
Join local volunteers at the weekly workday to help with general maintenance and upkeep of the garden. Share the work and share the produce. For more information, please contact Keith at

second Fridays   from 9.00 - 11am

John Innes Gardening Group
JI Gardening Group is currently meeting every second Friday of the month. Meet up by the mulberry tree. Bring secateurs and a trowel. For more information, please contact 

every Friday & Sunday  11am - 4pm

May Project Gardens
159 Middleton Rd, Morden  SM4 6RW
Join Ian and the team. Very friendly gardening group, music, training and lots of other activities too. To volunteer or find out more, contact

every Friday 6-7pm

Vigil for Peace
St Mark's Place, Wimbledon town centre
Join the group to promote peace not war. To find out more, contact Joanna at

every Saturday, 9am-1pm
Wimbledon Farmers’ Market
Wimbledon Park Primary School, Havana Road, SW19 8EJ
A chance to get your groceries direct from local farmers. Find out more HERE


first Sundays  from 10am - 12 noon
Wimbledon Common Nature Club    
Information Centre in Wimbledon Common
Fantastic nature club for children 6-14 years. Different topics covered each month e.g. pond dipping, shelter building, fungi foray and nature walks.
For more information, please contact Auriel Glanville, Club Leader, on 020 8540 6154 or

first Sundays
Friends of Ravensbury Park - Workday
meet at the bridge over the Wandle in the middle of the park at 10am
Help is needed to give your local park a general cleanup. Tools and refreshments provided. Sessions usually last about 3 hours, but please just come for as long as you like. For more information, call Jane tel. 07773 406 105.

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