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6th May
Hello All
The fruit picking has now started!

So far, we have picked over 100 kilos of fruit - mainly plums and damsons. This is thanks to Patrick, Alison, Wimbledon Park Residents' Association, Roger, Janine, Erica, Judy, Crown Kindergarten, Ian, Ann, Dorrie, Helen and Andy who generously donated their fruit to Abundance. And for the kind help of Paul, Carolyn, Sue, Susan, Samantha, Lucas, Zoe, Juliet, John, Carole and Caroline who all helped to pick.

So what have we done with all this fruit? A lot of it has been turned into jam, with the help of June, Agnes, Cynthia, Juliet, Samantha, Claire and Felicity. Some of the jam will be sold at Fruit Day on 20th Sept to raise money to help keep this project going. So many thanks for all that jam-making!

The rest of the fruit has been kept for pudding-making or gone to charities. So far, we have delivered around 20 kilos to Merton & Morden Guild, Wimbledon Guild and the jam-making group at West Barnes library who raise money for charity. We're hoping to deliver a lot more to charities once the apples start coming in.

If you'd like to come fruit picking and have not been receiving the emails about fruit picking trips, then please just let us know by replying to this email. Also get in touch if you can help in any other way. The more people who can help, the more we can do!

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