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BushChat Monsoon '18

Elephant in human use area sreedhar vijayakrishnan

Signs of stress—in elephant poop

We humans don’t just stress each other out, sometimes elephants too are affected by our activities. And signs of this stress have been found in what might seem like a rather unlikely place—their poop!

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Trees and Flowering Time

Indian 20laburnum

The Case of the Confusing Kanikonna Trees

The spectacular golden-yellow flowers of these trees are so hard to miss! Known as kanikonna in Malayalam and amaltas in Hindi, they have been blooming at unusual times lately. 

Geetha and Suhel from SeasonWatch, one of our citizen science initiatives, tell us more about this mystery in The Wire.

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Climate Change and Birds


Is it time yet? Climate change disturbs breeding and nesting season in birds

The arrival of monsoon rains in India is an annual milestone for the country. The blustery winds, loaded skies and torrential rains are signs of a good year not just for farmers and economists but also for the tallest of the world’s flying birds—the Sarus Crane, writes Padmaparna Ghosh in Mongabay.

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More News about our Work from Around the Web


Tracking the rain bird

(Google Earth on Twitter)

The South Asian Monsoon is extremely fascinating, yet historically poorly understood. 

Legends paired the Pied Cuckoo with the monsoon arrival and now science proves the story to be true.

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Rupak ghosh dastidar rufous c

A Party For Hornbills 

(Sanctuary Asia)

When she found out that hornbills were endangered, she had to do something. 

Sahiti Bulusu writes about our Hornbill Nest Adoption Program.

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The Beak Atop His Head 


Thanks to the efforts of a master beak-maker and a passionate tribal community, there is hope for the hornbill at Pakke Tiger Reserve, writes Sonali Prasad.

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 dsc2290 20kv kalyan tiger bushes

Making conservation work

(The Hindu)

Sanjay Gubbi, in his book ‘Second Nature – Saving Tiger Landscapes in the Twenty-First Century’ chronicles court battles, Chief Ministerial meetings and other everyday challenges of conservation.

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Dscn1661 01 750x563

 Elephants get stressed out too!

A conversation Pavithra Sankaran had with biologist Sreedhar Vijayakrishnan on his work on stress in elephants on our blog. 

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Recent Publications

 mg 0129 spider 20long 20small

Birds and Digital Colour


Ornithology and Graphic Design: what’s the connection?

If you watch birds for long enough (and even a few minutes every other day counts), you will quickly learn to tell them apart by their size and shape—and even more easily so by the colours they sport.

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