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BushChat Summer '18

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Flexible Fish: new study from the Lakshadweep

In healthy reefs with abundant coral, melon butterflyfish are fussy eaters, but things seem to change when they're in reefs that aren't so healthy

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Tales from field

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surveying the endangered Nilgiri tahr

Last month, we had a cross-programme survey—the High Altitude and Valparai teams got together to survey Anamalai Tiger Reserve for the endangered Nilgiri tahr

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mother elephant and her baby in Valparai, Tamil Nadu

Our team saw this two-day-old baby elephant and her mama ambling through tea fields

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Q&A: Spider Insider with Vena Kapoor

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Besides just hanging around, going about their own business and keeping insects in check, spiders have some other supercool tricks up their sleeves. Vena lets us into their fascinating world!

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