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An explosion of initiatives: these have been the Multiplier Events held in Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain and Cyprus between last June and July, which complemented the dissemination activities already carried out during the project.
Very different from each other, all the events have been able to interpret the true soul of GREEN S.E.E.D.S., offering not only the presentation of its results, but moments of in-depth analysis, exchange and suggestions for the follow-up of the project and for future collaborations. Thank you very much to everyone, organisers and participants!

Didactic innovation and sustainable development have been the focus of the Multiplier Event organised by the Valle d'Aosta Region and the I.S. Abbé Trèves in Saint-Vincent (AO): a lively and participatory meeting, which combined the presentation of the project - in the voices of the teachers and the pupils themselves, who presented their work - with the contents proposed by the various speakers, including the Small Schools Movement (INDIRE); Fabrizio Bertolino, lecturer at the University of Valle d'Aosta, who examined the GREEN S. E.E.D.S. project, contextualising it in the context of outdoor education; Tremeur Denigot, from the European Commission, who spoke about the objectives and perspectives of the Education for Climate Coalition, of which GREEN S.E.E.D.S. is a member through the I.S. Abbé Trèves.

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In Greece, the DDE Chios organised its event at Kampos school, addressing teachers' professional development and working methodologies developed during the project. They integrate these issues with environment and environmental sustainability as a distinctive feature of the GREEN S.E.E.D.S. project.


On the 3rd of July, the event organised by SŠ Vela Luka took place: methods, contents, work management during lockdown, and participation in meetings were among the topics discussed by teachers and students participating in the project. At the end, all students and teachers received a certificate of participation. The local radio station Radio M - Vela Luka 90.1 MHz followed and broadcasted the event, with an interview to the team leader Jakica Pekotic.

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On the 20th and 29th of July Synthesis hosted two multiplier events at Olympion High School and Athalassa National Park respectively, to celebrate the closing of the project GREEN S.E.E.D.S. and share with stakeholders and interested parties the knowledge the team has acquired from its active participation in the programme. Educators and students from all over Cyprus had the opportunity to discuss with the team and take part in the workshops.  All interactive activities aimed at communicating to the participants the urgency of becoming green and inclusive in education, while disseminating at the same time the SeedQuests that have been created by the teachers and students that took part in the project.

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Palazzo Franchetti, on the Grand Canal, in Venice, hosted the meeting organised by the Veneto Regional School Office (USRV). A large number of institutions, including Sara Pagliai, Erasmus+/INDIRE National Agency Coordinator; Donatella Nucci, eTwinning / INDIRE National Unit Coordinator; Laura Donà, USR Veneto Inspection Service Coordinator, introduced and contextualised the GREEN S.E.E.D.S. experience. The IC Bosco Chiesanuova, with its director Alessio Perpolli and Giulia Benvenuto, team leader for IC Bosco, presented the GREEN S.E.E.D.S. experience. Umberto De Col, director of the Istituto Comprensivo Mel, leader of the Veneto Mountain Schools Network, dwelt on the importance of the network, also from a European perspective.

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The University of Vigo and CEIP Espiñera-Aldán organised their Multiplier Event in two stages, between May and June. Check it out...



All of us, partners of GREEN S.E.E.D.S., would like to thank all those who have followed and appreciated our work over these three years, sharing our principles and objectives and signing our Manifesto, giving us a boost to continue on this path.  We have been a cohesive and supportive project community, we are proud of this result. Despite the fact that Covid prevented us from meeting for two long years, we have learnt to know each other, to work together, to appreciate each other. We have built a lot and achieved flattering goals, in terms of participation and satisfaction.
The teachers worked and planned together, discussed content and methods, enriched and shared their knowledge and experience. The pupils explored and studied their natural environment through classroom research and field activities, so practising outdoor education; they exchanged knowledge in different languages; they got to know EU better. The creation and realisation of the Seedquests was for them a learning path, in method and contents: they approached it with awareness and commitment. And finally they transferred their knowledge and their call for the preservation of the planet to their 'urban' schoolmates in a peer education context, through Digital Storytelling.
Look at our website, at our Fb page and group, replicate and take inspiration from our training, the "GREEN S.E.D.S. Toolkit", a methodological tool available to teachers and downloadable; read the Seedquests, to appreciate the working method, the richness of the contents explored, the activities in the field, the results obtained; browse the Digital Storytelling, the narration of a journey and its protagonists.  

And if you agree with our commitment, sign our Manifesto


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