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  Let’s do aexperiment!  Turn off your cell phone, the TV, the iPod, the radio and the computer.  Put down the book and the calendar.  Now find a quiet place alone to sit with God for 20 minutes.  Don’t talk, don’t pray, don’t quote Scripture, just listen and be aware of your breathing and His presence. 

The most common response to suggesting this experiment is, “I don’t have time” followed up quickly with “I’m not comfortable being still.”  Busyness, it seems, is next to godliness… or is it?  While I don’t believe that anyone is declared righteous by obeying the Ten Commandments, I do believe that life is best experienced when we obey them.  Most Christians would agree that worshipping idols, stealing from your neighbor or coveting your brother’s beach house is sin.  But what about the Sabbath?  The point of the Sabbath command goes deeper than taking off work one day to go to church.  Sabbath rest was instituted by God as a part of a healthy rhythm of life.  We experience life more fully when we observe regular times of rest. 

So why can’t we sit still?  Deep inside of many of us is a restless spirit, unresolved turmoil and even emptiness.  We don’t want to stop our activity because we will have to feel some things that we don’t want to feel or deal with some thoughts that we have been able to ignore.  Many counselors have deduced that this inner condition is what drives many destructive addictions.  So we fill our days and nights with activity and noise.  After all we tell ourselves, Jesus said this life would be filled with trouble so let’s just push through until we get to heaven, then we can sit and enjoy God.

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