May 2014 Newsletter
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Why do we do the things we do?  If we are honest, we have asked ourselves this question before.  We all have behaviors that we know are unhealthy for us, hurtful to our relationships and hinder our involvement in spreading the Kingdom of God.  We aren’tgoing to like the answer to the question.  It’s really simple, we do the things we do because we choose to do them.  We are volitional beings.  That simply means we act according to our own will, we choose our behavior.  This is not to say that there are not outside influences that affect our choices and steer us toward behaviors that we don’t desire.  I ALWAYS desire to drive fast but the traffic laws, my history of paying speeding fines and my lack of finances cause me to choose contrary to that desire J, but it is still my choice.   
If this is true, in order to change behavior, we must change our will.  So what is the will and how does it work?  The will is our “chooser”.  In simplest terms the will is like a light switch with two positions, yes or no.  Choice always boils down to those two options.  But as we have already mentioned, the will does not act independently, it is affected by outside influences.  The main two things that influence our will are our mind and our emotions.  Sometimes we choose to do something because we have thought it through and believe that it is the best course of action (the will is driven by the mind) but sometimes we choose to do something just because we feel like it (the will is driven by the emotion).  That sounds fairly simple doesn’t it?  Hang on, it’s about to get more complicated!
The mind, will and emotion are a part of our psyche, our personality or our soul.  Our soul is one part of us but we also have our spirit (the eternal part of us that connects with God) and our body (the physical, temporal part of us that connects with the world around us).  In God’s ideal as expressed through the Bible, God would influence us through our Spirit which would direct our minds with His truth, direct our emotions with His peace, love and joy, which would influence our will to make choices that are lived out through our body producing actions and behaviors that glorify Him and allow us to experience life to the fullest.  In fact, this is exactly what was happening in the garden of Eden AND it is exactly what Jesus came to restore (John 10:10). 

A big thank you to everyone who supported Bob in the 2014 CareNet Walk for Life.  He raised nearly $1800 for the cause of LIFE!  Follow the link below to check out CareNet's ministry.
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LifeNow Counseling Opens!
Bob & Terri Perdue are offering Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching through LifeNow Ministries.  Their 30 years of Pastoral experience, journey through depression, addiction, miscarriage, raising 5 children and Bob's extensive knowledge of the Scriptures equip them to help others who are struggling with any of those issues or any relational issues (marriage, parenting, etc.,).  They also offer pre-marital counseling and are available to perform weddings.  Additional information is available in the LifeNow Counseling brochure (click below).
The LifeNow Counseling office is located at 
8715 Plantation Lane Suite 302, 
Manassas, VA 20110.  
Appointments can be made using the link below.  LifeNow asks for a donation of $60 per session if possible.  All counseling is completely confidential.  
Additional information is available in the LifeNow Counseling brochure (click below).  Appointments can be made using the link below. 

Counseling Brochure

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Our mailing address is:
LifeNow Ministries
13176 Bourne Place
Bristow, VA 20136
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