You deserve to hear and know the most beautiful truths about yourself. So here is this week's Blessing. Just for you. 
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Almost every day, not many minutes after I turn off my alarm, I draw one of my cards. I meditate for a few minutes, I set the timer on my phone, and then I write - about the woman, about what she has to say uniquely and powerfully to me, about what I'm being invited to consider (and incorporate) into my the day ahead. Her wisdom is always perfect - even when it's tough to swallow. 

Interestingly, two days in a row this week, I drew Martha. Clearly, she has much to offer me; much that she knows I need to hear. I'm wondering if the same might be true for you...

You can read her story here
Dear One:

I kept myself busy with so many responsibilities. I took them on because they needed to be done, but more, because they seemed like the best way to keep from feeling crazy. When I slowed down, when I rested, when I stopped, my mind fought against the silence, the space, the calm. But, in truth, silence, space, and calm was what my heart wanted most; what I needed most. It took time, but I learned that it's not in working harder, faster, or smarter; but in sitting, resting, and leaning that feeling crazy eventually vanishes, that transformation comes, that love shows up.

Come. Take my hand, sit by my side, and even if only for a while, listen to little more than our heartbeats. Together we have chosen the better part, the better path, the best way forward. It will not be taken from us. 

I am Martha and you are my daughter, my lineage, my kin.
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Blessing in spoken form. 
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