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Safety-Net Parenting: March, 2015
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;"It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings."
            -Ann Landers

So right, so right, so right!!! All too often we feel as parents that we must do for our children so that they will be successful, but the truth is our children start to find success when they start to do for themselves.

We need to remember this as parents, that ultimately our goal is to raise independent adults. Give a kid a fish, and she'll eat for a day; teach her how to fish and she'll start a chain of seafood restaurants.
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Question of the Month
"Hi, this is sort of a parenting question but we just wanted some advice. In a group of four 17 year old girls we are planning a 3 night tramp. We have all done part of this tramp before and done tramps like this with parents and adults and we would be fully equipped with food, tents etc and everything we need. 

However, my friend's mother is refusing to let her go because she's afraid it's dangerous (she's afraid we might get raped or murdered because we're teenage girls.)This is a safe tramping spot and we will be taking a locator beacon with us in case someone gets injured on the way. We will all be 18 by the end of the year, and even though we have told her mum ALL of the facts about the tramp she will not let our friend come with us. All of our parents are fine with it. 

We were just wondering if we could have some advice on what to do to convince her to let her come, or do you think she is being rational and just being a good mum? Thanks."

            -Sam (New Zealand)
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Safety-Netting 101
Want your grade-schooler to find his passion?

As children get into grade school, interaction with peers becomes more important in their lives. If a peer group is interested in a certain topic, very often if your child is a part of that group, he will also be drawn to it. Could be a fleeting passion or the real thing. So, talk to your child. Ask a lot of questions. Let him talk as you drive him to school, pick him up from soccer practice, or during dinner.
Also, ask your child’s teacher if she would keep an eye out as to what seems to interest your child at school. When does he participate the most? What subjects does he excel in? How do the other students see him?
Write these in a strengths journal, a place you are keeping track of what your child seems to be drawn to and is good at and act on these entries. Look through them and make some suggestions as to any trends you may see. He’s really into space? Ask if he’d like to go to the planetarium. Loves math? See if he wants to do a lemonade stand then open a savings account. Really into football? Get him outside and toss the ball around and ask if he’d like to join a team.

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