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Issue 8, 06 November 2015

A monthly reader featuring all things Offline First, covering theory, technology and user experience for new offline use cases. We also want to invite you to help us cover a comprehensive scope of this quickly growing field. You can by submitting articles, cases or other news giving insight into the developments regarding Offline First.


“Don’t Wait for ServiceWorker: Adding Offline Support with One-Line”. What you could try until implementation of Service Worker implementations has been completed. 
David Walsh Blog, 10/14/2015
Video ChatService WorkerFuture of Offline First
Alex Feyerke and Jan Lehnardt ( talked about "offline-first (web) apps" to students of the Beuth University of Applied Science in Berlin: "Offline is not an error. Offline is a fact of mobile life."
Hoodie, 10/20/2015
SpeakerdeckHoodieScience Fiction
Also, the Smashing Newsletter dedicated a chapter to the Offline First Revolution in issue #146.
Smashing Newsletter, 10/13/2015
Kolibri, an offline free education app. “Kolibri is free, open-source software that runs on low-cost hardware, to make educational content available to learners in offline and low-bandwidth contexts.”
Kolibri is being build by the team that also made KA Lite – the offline version of Khan AcademyThey are running a generosity by Indiegogo campaign to make Kolibri.
Kolibri/KA Lite, October 2015
Use CaseOffline Education App
“Article: Angular 2, ReactJS, and the State of Modern Web Apps” – “Client-side caching systems like LocalStorage, IndexedDB, and the Application Cache first made this possible. More recently, the ServiceWorker API has given developers much more flexibility … [and] with the help of some awesome tools like PouchDB, and carefully crafted codebases, developers can build amazing offline experiences, and in some cases, the user is none the wiser.
Digital Surgeons, Adam Chambers, 10/06/2015
ArticleWeb Apps
“After mobile boom, companies move to offline-first strategy for growth” – “But how difficult is it to rethink mobile strategy for an offline-first world? ‘They are fundamentally different architectural styles of development. It is like brick masonry versus a wooden house.’”
The Economic Times, 10/26/2015
Articleoffline-firstbusiness strategyTactile
 “Lie-fie” (A term coined by Jake Archibald. Here at W3C developer meetup on "Service Workers".)
Jake Archibald, 10/26/2015
An introductory tutorial to service worker: “Taking the web offline with service workers.”
mobiForge, 10/21/2015
IntroductionService Worker
“ServiceWorker: Revolution of the Web Platform”
Ponyfoo, Nicolas Bevacqua, 10/23/2015
Step by step guideService Worker
“Creating Offline-First Web Apps with Service Workers”
Auth0, Ryan Chenkie, 10/22/2015
IntroductionService Worker
A collection of tools for service workers. And the Service Worker Dev Tools Panel in Chrome Canary. 
Dev ToolsChrome
“Offline Apps for Mobile Data Collection – Offline apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows”
Tact: “An mobile sales productivity app” with sync and offline abilities.
“Offline Apps with Web Application Manager”
ProductBlog Post
A collection called "10 Of The Best Offline Apps”. Do you agree? What are your favourite apps or future apps with an offline-first approach?
Tech Week Europe, 10/24/2015
Top ListOffline Apps


Here you can look up and contribute to the collection of articles and research resources on Offline First. It's a relatively new field, from a technological as well as a UX perspective.
This is another nice and extensive collection of Offline First resources and articles!
Guille Paz
RepoLink Collection
A simple offline Blog, using Service Worker.
Oliver Jash, August 2015
Use CaseService Worker
A talk on “Resolving Conflicts in Collaborative Occasionally Connected Mobile Apps” during NDC in Oslo, back in June: “…data needs to be stored locally, and synchronized in the background. If users make different changes while offline, they create a conflict. Learn the patterns to detect and resolve those conflicts.”
NDC Conferences, Michael L. Perry, 06/18/2015
TalkSynchronizationLocal Storage
See an implementation of the pattern described by Michael Perry in his NDC talk (mentioned above): Mutability. The JSON Messaging Platform Jinaga handles conflicts in a similar model to CouchDB/PouchDB that also Hoodie is build on, even if the APIs differ a lot. “Jinaga requires the developer to think in terms of immutable facts, while Hoodie creates the illusion of mutable documents.” (Michael Perry via Offline First on Slack)
NDC Conferences, Michael L. Perry, 09/03/2015
Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed Systems” is a research paper by Leslie Lamport on synchonizing clocks in a distributed system. (Michael Perry via Offline First on Slack)
Leslie Lamport ACM, via Microsoft Research, July 1975
Research PaperSynchronization
The first step to a successful offline-first application architecture is a database layer that handles synchronisation in the face of unreliable networks. Apache CouchDB and its family of peers, like PouchDB and Couchbase Mobile, are exactly what you need.

If you rely on CouchDB for your business, we will make sure everything goes well. Get professional support from Neighbourhoodie Software today!


Chrome Developer Summitcodelab – learn how to integrate a service worker into an existing application to make it work offline.
Chrome Developer Summit: Dec 17 and 18, 2015
SummitMountain View
Android Developer Conference in Santa Clara 2015. Class by Nic Raboy: Developing for Offline First Mobile Experiences”
AnDevCon: Dec 2, 2015
ConferenceSanta Clara
GOTO conference in Berlin: Ola Gasidlo – "Say Hello to Offline First!” at the international software development conference in Berlin.
GOTO Berlin: Dec 4, 2015
Node.js Interactive 2015 in Portland (OR), US: Bradley Holt – "Offline-First Apps with PouchDB”
Node.js Interactive 2015: Dec 9, 2015
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Slack channelContribute
This reader was compiled and edited by contributors to and is kindly supported by Neighbourhoodie Software. Further reading, space for research and discussion can be found in the Offline First repo on GitHub.

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