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Issue 14, 25 May 2016

A monthly reader featuring all things Offline First, covering theory, technology and user experience for new offline use cases. We also want to invite you to help us cover a comprehensive scope of this quickly growing field. You can by submitting articles, cases or other news giving insight into the developments regarding Offline First.


We’re taking the Offline First community for a 3-day retreat in the Catskill Mountains for Offline Camp! June 24–26, 2016, Jewett, NY (US)

Join us for an exciting three days away from it all with the Offline First community! Space is limited to 30 campers so get your application to join the fun in today. 
Grab your spot at Offline Camp now


Instant Loading: Building offline-first Progressive Web Apps, a talk from Jake Archibald at last week’s Google I/O 2016. In his session Jake takes an online-only site and turn it into a fully network-resilient, offline-first installable progressive web app, and this won’t involve rebuilding from scratch; it’ll be done in small iterations, with each step improving the user experience whether they're offline, online, or anything in between.
Google Chrome Developers, 05/20/2016
TalkProgressive Web AppsOffline First
Facebook is testing offline with service workers on, as revealed in Service workers at scale with Facebook and Flipkart, a talk from Google I/O 2016.
Google Chrome Developers, 05/20/2016
TalkService Workers
Everything you need to know about Google I/O in this event recap. Plus the preview from earlier in the month. Did you submit a name for Android N yet?
Google I/O 2016, 05/19/2016
PostProgressive Web Apps
Introducing React.js Boilerplate: Quick setup for new performance orientated, offline–first React.js applications. For details and information on contributing, check out the source code
Max Stoiber, 05/18/2016
CodeOffline First
What are Progressive Web Apps? Max Lynch answers your questions about service workers, app shells and more on the Ionic blog.
Ionic blog, 05/18/2016
PostProgressive Web AppsService Workers
Web performance tools, tips, talks and resources in your inbox: A free, bi-monthly newsletter bringing you the most interesting studies of all things web performance and user-experience by Ben Schwarz, of Calibre.
Ben Schwarz, 05/17/2016
Mailing ListPerformance
In which Alex Russell, Jake Archibald, and Andrew Betts discuss the merits, drawbacks, and complexity of the offline approach first when it comes to a major news publication. 
Alex Russell, 05/04/2016
ConversationProgressive Web AppsOffline First
In his talk, Building an Offline Page for, delivered earlier this month at JSConf Budapest, Oliver Joseph Ash recounts his experience using service workers to build an offline page for the major news publication.   
Oliver Joseph Ash, 05/14/2016
TalkOffline First
Offline First – the good parts! A talk from Gregor Martynus at UX East Boston on his top five benefits of the offline first approach. 
Gregor Martynus, 05/12/2016
TalkOffline First
At this year’s JSConf Budapest Nolan Lawson led a workshop on Progressive Web Apps
Nolan Lawson, 05/12/2016
SlidesProgressive Web Apps
Angular Mobile Toolkit Tries to Make Web Apps Feel Native – David Iffland looks at a talk from ng-conf by Jeff Cross and Alex Rickabaugh on how Angular Mobile Toolkit (AMT) is pushing progressive web apps forward.
InfoQ, 05/10/2016
PostProgressive Web Apps
Gregor Martynus appeared on the Toolsday podcast earlier this month to talk about Offline First and how can we make sure people are able to access data on poor connections.
Toolsday, 05/10/2016
PodcastOffline First
Offline-first QR-code Badge Scanner. On the IBM developerWorks blog, Glynn Bird wrote up a tutorial on how to create a badge scanner with the offline first approach.
IBM developerWorks, 05/05/2016
PostOffline First
Service Workers and PWAs: It’s About Reliable Performance, Not “Offline.” Alex Russell answers the question why AppCache isn’t a “good enough solution for offline” and why it was necessary to invent Service Workers.
Alex Russell, 05/15/2016
PostProgressive Web AppsOffline First
Offline is the new Black. Slides from a talk Max Stoiber gave at JSConf Belgium earlier this month.
Max Stoiber, 05/03/2016
SlidesOffline First
Useful resources for creating Offline-First web apps worth repeating
Guille Paz
ResourcesOffline First
The future of apps should be better apps.
TechCrunch, 05/01/2016
PostProgressive Web Apps


Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 3
WebKit, 04/27/2016
Browser SupportWeb Workers
“Caching best practices & max-age gotchas”
Jake Archibald, 04/27/2016
PostService Worker
Go offline with Service Workers
Emanuel Kluge 04/23/2016
SlidesService Workers
BRCK Education Samburu Expedition 2015
BRCK, March 2016
The first step to a successful offline-first application architecture is a database layer that handles synchronisation in the face of unreliable networks. Apache CouchDB and its family of peers, like PouchDB and Couchbase Mobile, are exactly what you need.

If you rely on CouchDB for your business, we will make sure everything goes well. Get professional support from Neighbourhoodie Software today!


From Nolan Lawson speaking on I like the way you work it: all about web workers, to Gregor Martynus promoting Offline First and Hoodie at the OSS Night and Meet the Hoodies, NYC, you don’t want to miss EmpireJS 2016.
EmpireJS: May 26-27, 2016
Microsoft is hosting a hack day for HospitalRun: a web-based, offline-first, open source EMR project for developing world hospitals. 
HospitalRun Hack Day: June 18, 2016
A three day retreat in the Catskill Mountains: join the folks pushing the Offline First movement forward at Offline Camp.
Offline Camp: June 24-26, 2016
ConferenceUpstate New York
Join the slack channel dedicated to talk about and contribute to Offline First, initiated by You just have to sign up here and take note of the code of conduct. Would be great to see you there! Feel free to submit reviews, videos, releases, upcoming events and what you think is related to the subject. Or send us an e-mail., 2016
Slack channelContribute
This reader was compiled and edited by contributors to and is kindly supported by Neighbourhoodie Software. Further reading, space for research and discussion can be found in the Offline First repo on GitHub.

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